Outdoor Whitecraft by Woodard Sommerwind Cocktail Table - S596211-NAT

Dimensions: 44L x 21W x 18H in.. Wide and charming table for any outdoor space. Resin wicker with an all-weather, metal frame. Shatter-resistant glass top. Choose the wicker finish that best fits your style. Resin wicker won't rot, crack of fade when left outdoors. Sure, you can enjoy the outdoors by yourself, but eventually you'll want to share it, and when you do, the Whitecraft by Woodard Sommerwind Cocktail Table is going to be the perfect place to set down a fe you do, the Whitecraft by Woodard Sommerwind Cocktail Table is going to be the perfect place to set down a few cool drinks and a tray of hors devours, or maybe just a few tallboys and a whole mess of pizza rolls. This all-weather table is designed with the outdoors in mind, with an exterior of moisture-resistant resin wicker over a lightweight, metal frame. Resin wicker won't rot or crack outdoors, and it also doesn't fade, so take the time to find the finish option that works best for your style and know that it will stay fresh and bright for years to come. The shatter-resistant glass top is easy to maintain and gives it an elegantly simple finish. If this style appeals to you, try out the other pieces in the Woodard Sommerwind collection.All Seasons Outdoor Wicker is the latest addition to the Woodard line of quality furniture. Each piece is constructed using cutting-edge synthetic fibers, hand-woven over an aluminum frame. With this combination of resilient, weather-resistant materials and Woodard's quality workmanship, All Seasons Wicker will retain its beauty and integrity for years.Woodard: Hand-crafted to Withstand the Test of TimeFor over 140 years, Woodard craftsmen have designed and manufactured products loyal to the timeless art of quality furniture construction. Using the age-old art of hand-forming and the latest in high-tech manufacturing, Woodard remains committed to creating products that will provide years of enjoyment.Most Woodard furniture is assembled by experienced professionals before being shipped. That means you can enjoy your furniture immediately and with confidence.Together, these elements set Woodard furniture apart from all others. When you purchase Woodard, you purchase a history of quality and excellence, and furniture that will last well into the future.Important NoticeThis item is custom-made to order, which means production begins immediately upon receipt of each order. Because of this, cancellations must be made via telephone to 1-800-351-5699 within 24 hours of order placement. Emails are not currently acceptable forms of cancellation. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Color: Natural Round Weave. read more