Windrush SSJ

Buffet and Ice Tongs 12" Handcrafted in USA, Cherry Hardwood

These are ingenious handcrafted tongs with a very simple mechanism to spring load the tongs. This makes it easy to use, manipulate and serve your food. They also hang on th3e side of a pot or crock or salad bowl. You can even use them to flip steaks. All of our items are custom handcrafted by Appalchian Craftspeople. Your purchase of these items helps support a small cottage industry in an economicially depressed rural area. Items are crafted from Native Cherry Hardt a small cottage industry in an economicially depressed rural area. Items are crafted from Native Cherry Hardwood and cut from sustainably managed woodlots. Wood is cut, milled and dried for approx one year before carving.Items are sanded to a silky smooth finish in several sanding steps including a final hand sanding. Items are soaked overnight in a 60/40 mixture of mineral oil and 100% organic flaxseed oil. After soaking overnight the items are wiped off and dried. The oil treatment is very non toxic and hypo-allergenic and we have never had an issue arise regarding an allergic reaction. All of our items are extremely safe to use on all your fine cookware and servng ware. They will not scratch or harm any metal, ceramic or non stick surface.Our treenware can be more than just a cooking utensil, later becoming an heirloom you can pass down in your family. CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR WOODEN UTENSILS: Proper care for your treenware would include washing by hand and occasionally oiling the item, preferably with mineral or olive oil. New items will develop a fuzzy feeling after being washed and used for the first time, this is caused by the grain in the wood raising after being exposed to hot water. This will gradually go away with use, or you can also easily remove it by lighlty sanding your treenware with a fine grit sand paper. Food coloring will dye the utensil.Treenware can be a great gift for many occasions. Here are a few examples: Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Weddings, House Warmings’, Anniversaries, etc. They are also cherished by accomplished amatuer cooks and professional chefs. read more