WALFRONT Hammock Chair Outdoor Hanging Swing Handmade Knitted Macrame Hanging Swing Chair for Indoor, Home, Bedroom, Yard, Garden (300 Pound Capacity-Beige)

WALFRONT Hammock Swing Chair Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Cotton Macrame Rope Hammock Lounge Swing Chair w/ Fringe Tassels - Beige Yard Patio Porch Garden Home DecorDescription:Portable and comfortable.Hand-knit with cotton rope, suitable for adult children.The rope and swing design feature macrame net chair pattern with fringe tassels.Macrame swing net chair can be used as a light cradle and swing reading chair or relaxing meditation chair.Great addition to home, bedroombe used as a light cradle and swing reading chair or relaxing meditation chair.Great addition to home, bedroom, sunroom, kid's room, living room, balcony, study, upscale hotel, leisure resort and more. Adds charm to garden, yard, patio, deck and garden. Easy to install, you can hang it countless places you want.Features:【Hanging Hammock Swing Chair】Find comfort with a stylish hammock swing; Hangs anywhere and easily relocates; Great addition to Balconies, Decks, Backyards and more.【Entertainment Tool for Kids】The swing chair is a must for the garden.When Kids play in the garden,they can relax by siting in the swing chair, talk together and laugh together.【Hypnosis Swing Chair】If your chilld is noisy when sleeping, that may be a good choice to put your child in the swing chair and i believe your child will fall asleep soon by the regular swing.【Round Seat Design】Unique round swing shape allows kids to sit in a variety of positions. Brings your kids a lot of fun. Great relax toys for kids.【High Quality】Made of sturdy cotton and polyester fabric, suitable for adult and young chidren.Specifications: Material: Cotton + Iron Color: Beige Seat Diameter: approx. 60cm / 23.6inch Handrail Diameter: approx. 80cm / 31.5inch Height: approx. 125cm / 49.2inch Load Bearing Capacity: 150kg Weight: approx. 3.7kgPackage includes: 1 x Hanging Swing Chair (not include hanging accessories)Precautions:Do not use too much force during use, so as not to break the contact.Hanging hammock must be strong support points, hanging height of not more than 1M, to prevent accidentally fell injured.Do not tie the bed rope with a sharp point of support, to avoid damage to the rope.Avoid carry-on buttons or sharp objects have damaged hammocks.Before using please check the hammock rope, pull the rope to pull the shorter the better.This product is not fire fabric, please stay away from the fire.Note that the ground around the hammock clean formation, to avoid the choice of gravel, branches and other hard objects exist (try to use in the grass).Notes:Always check both ends of the rope to prevent excessive wear.It is forbidden to swing back and forth by a large amount to avoid unnecessary damage caused by the rapid abrasion of the ropes at both ends.Please pay attention to personal safety while you are entertaining.Warm tip: dear customer, thank you for your supporting on our shop. if you have any question, please feel free to send e-mail to tell us and we will try best to service you. read more