VONN VMP21511WH Modern LED Pendant Lighting with Metal Shade with Adjustable Hanging Light, 11" x 6", White

Product Inspiration: For thousands of years, the tallest man-made structures on earth were pyramids. The Great Pyramids of Egypt are still considered some of the most impressive architectural masterpieces ever created. The Gatria collection by VONN pays respect to this shape with a gentle conical shape, backed with some of man's highest technological advances. Product Features: LED BULB INCLUDED: Fixture includes one (1) high-output VONN Pearl Pure LED bulb DIMMABLEs. Product Features: LED BULB INCLUDED: Fixture includes one (1) high-output VONN Pearl Pure LED bulb DIMMABLE LED: Full dimming (0.01% to 100%) on standard dimmer switches SOFT WHITE: 3000 Kelvin color temperature, the same as halogen bulbs (no blue hues) INCANDESCENT EQUIVALENT: 800 lumens, roughly the same as one 60 watt incandescent bulb ALUMINUM SHADE (WHITE FINISH): Directional light underneath the shade DRY LOCATION: ETL listed for dry locations (kitchen is okay) VOLTAGE: Operates on standard 120 line voltage; a separate transformer is not required Product Technologies: PEARLPURE DIODE ARRAYS: Produces brilliant, full-bodied white light with high color rendering (colors within the room are lit accurately and vibrantly). CONTINUU DRIVER: Preserves the integrity of the LED system by responding to the needs of the diodes throughout their lifetime, including: ambient temperature variances, dimmer use, and age. Product Benefits: SAVINGS: The typical incandescent uses up to 90% of its wattage producing (inefficient) heat. LED systems do not produce significant heat, thereby eliminating nearly all of the 90% wasted consumption. HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT: Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED diodes do not contain mercury, and are not considered hazardous. Further, LED efficiency requires less electricity, supporting lower CO2 emissions. Product Dimensions: LENGTH: 6.3 inches WIDTH: 6.3 inches HEIGHT: 132.2 inches CANOPY DIMENSIONS: L:4.75 X W:4.75 (in inches) WIRE LENGTH: 120 inches (shorten to desired length) HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Min: 12.2 inches, Max: 132.2 inches PRODUCT WEIGHT: 1.67 Lbs. read more