Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley Day Off Satchel, Havana Rose

Just because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little light into your life with our bright Vera Bradley colors and patterns! Find the perfect accessories to match your winter fashion this year, or search our collection for the perfect holiday gift! Our genuine Vera Bradley Day Off Satchel will warm up your sense of style this season with the fun and considerate designs we are known for. The weekend is finally here and that means one of two with the fun and considerate designs we are known for. The weekend is finally here and that means one of two things will happen; you are either going to let loose a little or catch up on some chores or errands. We hope for your sake it’s the later, but either way with the Day Off Satchel we know you will be able to take everything you need with you no matter where you go. Measuring 12.25 x 11.25 x 4.5 inches with 42 inch adjustable and removable strap and additional carrying handle you can carry the Day Off Satchel however you choose. Featuring one zippered exterior pocket to keep things like keys or coupons close at hand, as well as a slip pocket for your phone. And it doesn’t stop there, as we have added another zip pocket or change and two more slip pockets in case you want to keep your sunglasses or some cosmetics neatly organized. Now, you are all set and we hope you make the most of your Day off. At Vera Bradley, we believe in quality and style which is why we build our beautiful bags to keep you in lasting luxury with our Signature Collection. Our quilted cotton is colorful, lightweight, packable and (in some cases) washable. The quilted stitching sewn in tight configurations make up the iconic Vera Bradley Signature Diamond Stitch, which not only adds an element of embroidered appeal and aesthetic, but also enhances the structural integrity of your favorite bag. Our products are made for long lasting convenience and style, this item can be a go-to staple for years to come. At our very core, Vera Bradley is an innovative brand for women. We’ve always been inspired by the needs of real women, and our proudest moments have been when we can bring communities of women together through their shared love of beauty. We design our products with a deep understanding of our consumer. You are the focus of all we do. read more