Vegan Bath and Beauty Recipes: 50 Recipes for Soaps, Bath Salts, Bubble Baths, Shower Gels and Bath Fizzies, Bath Bombs, and Body Wash - eBook

Are you interested in being kinder to animals, the planet, and your own body? I am! This book provides 50 products from bath scrubs to soaps, face masks and salts that will leave your skin squeaky clean and soft. If you are crafty like me, you can also package these products and sell them to health food stores or directly to the public.My journey into finding vegan products started when I noticed that my pores were being clogged, even when I was using noncomodogenicg vegan products started when I noticed that my pores were being clogged, even when I was using noncomodogenic products. I then started looking into the ingredients that were in my very expensive skincare products, and thanks to the power of the internet, I discovered that many of the ingredients were not only tested on animals, but they were made with ingredients derived from animals. There’s a Cow in My Cleanser!For hundreds of years, we’ve had ingredients derived from animal products in our skin-cleansing regimen. From beetles used for coloring to turtle oil, to beef tallow, and even animal urine are common ingredients found in soaps, shampoos, perfumes, skin lotions, and toners. When purchasing food or soap coloring, be sure to check the ingredients to ensure that  they are vegetarian. Steraic Acid and Sodium Tallowate are both made from animal fat. If you buy your products off-the-shelf, you should look for sodium isethionate, which comes from coconuts. Yes, even Ivory soap – the one that floats – contains tallow!About the Author:I have been making and selling scented products for over 13 years both online and at craft boutiques. The journey of discovering a wide variety of scents has even taken me to Australia - to a lavender farm in Tasmania and one just outside of Melbourne. I’ve also visited a eucalyptus oil distillery on Kangaroo Island, SA. Now that I live in Southern California, I’ve been visiting wonderful farms to search out new sources for essential oils. read more