Protector Lotus The Premium Eco Yoga Mat

Aligning form with function like never before, our Lotus yoga mat line has been produced and optimized for yogis by yogis. With an all-natural rubber base and an absorbent microfiber top layer, our mat has been specifically designed for superior grip, no matter how much of a sweat you work up. It is ideal for both regular and hot yoga, as its grip increases with added moisture. It is thick enough to provide comfort, but also thin enough to ensure you maintain your bwith added moisture. It is thick enough to provide comfort, but also thin enough to ensure you maintain your balance and stability, even through the most advanced poses. The mat is very easily rolled and lightweight, making it perfect for easy storage or yogis on the go. Making a mat of superior quality was not enough for us here at Utopiat. We wanted a quality mat that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but that resonated with the true spirituality and serenity of yoga. The breath-taking Lotus artwork of Bahman Farzad perfectly captures the energy and soul we want to convey, and so was the perfect design element to go with our premium mats. Sadly, shortly after our mats are developed Bahman passed away on July 8th 2016, so the collection means that much more to us as we commemorate Bahman's beautiful artistic legacy. Utopiat is much more than quality and design, and our holistic philosophy is reflected on all of our products. Our mats are no exception. We are committed to provide an eco-friendly and ethically produced product. Our mats natural rubber is recyclable and biodegradable, and the entire production processes is free of any toxic and harmful chemicals. Our dyes are water based, free of heavy metals and harsh chemicals. This leads to no strong chemical odor; especially when using it for the first time. Even our packaging was made with the environment in mind; using recycled paper and all-natural hemp strings. Of course, our philosophy would not be complete without our ethical commitment. We have rigorous standards when selecting our suppliers, making sure every single person involved in our supply chain is treated with dignity and respect, receiving a fair wage for their amazing work. Without them, this line could not be a reality. Utopiat is committed to fostering true talent and creativity. The family of Bahman Farzad, our artist collaborator in this project, earns a 10% commission on the sales of our mats; higher than industry standard. Another 10% of proceeds will be directed to a non profit or individual whose mission is to bring the practice of yoga and all of its physical, spiritual, and personal benefits to underserved communities. Care Instruction: Mild soap and water on damp cloth or natural yoga mat cleaning spray. Spiritual Significance of this Lotus Flower: A vibrant pink lotus with a golden core, this lotus is free and enlightened. It has wholly completed its process of growth and achieved the supreme state. The contrasting green at its roots and the blue above represents the immersive environment the lotus has entrenched itself in to reach this state of eternal bliss. Additional Information:LENGTH 72 WIDTH 24 THICKNESS 0.12 WEIGHT 4.5lb read more