Talika Bio Enzymes Mask Décolleté, Moisturizing biocellulose Mask , Moisturizing mask for the décolleté , Second skin effect mask

Designed for dehydrated and insufficiently firm necklines, our Bio Enzymes Décolleté Mask is the perfect way to relax and make your skin look younger. Created in 2015, it is the first Talika mask made of biocellulose designed specifically for the décolleté. This bust mask is perfectly compatible with the epidermis. The skin is visibly revitalized, hydrated, visibly smoothed and firmed. The secret of the effectiveness of our Bio Enzymes Mask range lies in the combinavisibly smoothed and firmed. The secret of the effectiveness of our Bio Enzymes Mask range lies in the combination of key ingredients of natural origin and biocellulose. This ultra-pure biotech material made of nanofibres is the result of the enzymatic fermentation of coconut water. The 3D structure of biocellulose retains a high level of effective ingredients, which are optimally distributed in the epidermis. Our Bio Enzymes Décolleté Mask offers a second skin effect during use. The formula of this moisturizing mask contains a set of important key ingredients: hyaluronic acid, which visibly smoothes and plumps the skin, Vitamin B3, which lightens skin tone and a complex of 16 plants with anti-aging properties. Bio Enzymes Décolleté Mask can be used occasionally for an immediate boost or twice a week for a long-lasting moisturizing care. Leave the mask on for 15 to 30 minutes and remove. Finish this moment of care and relaxation by massaging the face to allow the excess moisturizer to penetrate the skin. Since 1948, Talika has been offering specialist eyelash and skin care, and more recently, specific facial care including electro-beauty. We are constantly innovating to offer products that reveal the natural beauty of each woman at every stage of her life. With an integrative approach, Talika products are the result of a combination of cutting-edge technologies and age-old traditions, creating targeted care products and new beauty routines. read more