Strobel Organic

Strobel Organic Dual Set Double Wall Leak Proof Patented Hydro-Support 501 Waterbed Mattress 1 Layer Waveless Queen Dual

Dual Systems includes two separate mattresses so each partner can adjust their own comfort level. Patented Double-Wall Leak Proof System for added peace of mind. Waterbeds are often filled above the top level of the safety liner. In the event of a leak the water might go over the safety liner and into your home. Our Patented Double-Wall completely encapsulates the mattress and solves this problem and eliminates the need for a safety liner that is not tall enough. Dees the mattress and solves this problem and eliminates the need for a safety liner that is not tall enough. Deep molded Feathertop pressure reduction surface for greatest conforming comfort, full body support1 layer level fiber waveless system. Many people prefer level surface full body support fiber instead of models with Lumbar Support that have a bulge in the Lumbar area of the back from extra fiber. Level surface fiber waveless system is tethered to corners to prevent shifting, heater compatible bottom, bottom seams for greater durability, reinforced corners, 25 mil vinyl (25% thicker than most),. Fits standard wood type waterbed frames 72x84" ID King, 60x84” Queen, 48x84” Super-Single. Made in USA. Strobel Hydro Support Waterbeds feature our Feathertop deep moulded surface. While most waterbeds do not have a moulded surface ours is deeper moulded than any other on the market, this creates more surface area of vinyl and gives better true water support. The stretched tight surface of other waterbeds and soft sides can give a hammock or trampoline effect which supports you and not the true conforming water. The Feathertop gives the lowest skin pressures and no pressure points for greatest comfort and best sleep. Strobel waterbeds are naturally fire resistant and do not require toxic flame retardant chemical based flame barriers like other mattresses to comply with federal fire safety regulations. Our bodies are over 90% water. Strobel waterbeds achieve nearly Zero-Gravity. read more