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Striker Games Safe Backyard Swing with Easy Soft-Grip Chains - Burn-Resistant Design - Swingset Swing

No childhood is complete without hours spent flying ever-higher in their very own swing. You need a SAFE, COMFORTABLE, AND DURABLE SWINGSET SWINGS to maximize fun in the backyard. Your children will experience hours of imaginary adventure in the fresh air and you will get the peace of mind knowing that they’re playing on a STURDY, BURN-RESISTANT, AND RUST-PROOF SWING. Striker Games’ SAFE CHAIN SWING is set apart by a thoughtful design that makes sure that your childOOF SWING. Striker Games’ SAFE CHAIN SWING is set apart by a thoughtful design that makes sure that your child’s hands never meet hot metal while swinging. Traditional metal swings get too hot in the summer, making it uncomfortable or even dangerous to swing. Our EASY GRIP CHAINS are safe and comfortable grips that are far superior to any other chain on the market. Constructed of durable materials, 32 INCHES OF SWING CHAIN ARE COVERED BY THE EASY GRIP MATERIAL. More comfortable than a rigid swing seat, our FLEXIBLE SEAT conforms to your child’s body, allowing them to swing in comfort for hours. If you’re looking for a playground SWING THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME, our design accommodates UP TO 300 POUNDS of weight, so an adult can sit on the swing with a baby or toddler in his or her lap, and the big kids can use it. Even better, our swings are RUST-PROOF, so you don’t have to worry about a heavy rain or snowfall destroying your child’s favorite backyard toy. AVAILABLE IN TWO CHEERFUL COLORS, our flexible belt swing will look great in your yard in either GREEN OR YELLOW. Total chain length measures 66 INCHES LONG, with half of that length covered by our ultra-safe and comfortable Soft Grips. Dacromet-plated carabiner hooks are included for quick attachment and adjustment, so YOU CAN HANG THE FULLY ASSEMBLED SWING IMMEDIATELY. It attaches securely to a swing set frame, tree, or patio, so it’s perfect for frequent moves or even to bring on a vacation or trip to see the grandparents. read more