Wifi Day Video Hidden Camera DVR HD 1080P in Tower Air Purifier

The next generation of covert hidden cameras has arrived in a mini tower Air Purifier. Day Video, Color High Definition 1080P. Introducing the New 1080P HD-Live View self-contained, high definition, Wi-Fi with DVR stand alone unit. No need for outdated receivers or extra connections to your PC or router. No need to take out SD card to watch because it is internal (non-removable). Each wifi hidden camera dvr is built with 32GB memory (non-removable memory card). Liveernal (non-removable). Each wifi hidden camera dvr is built with 32GB memory (non-removable memory card). Live encrypted 1080P high definition video is transmitted to your wireless router enabling live streaming on demand from any authorized PC, IPhone, IPad or android device. (Free app download) Plug and Play P2P automatic connection to your network simple and quick (router password is require to connect to your network). Video is recorded on a hidden internal 32GB SD card contained within the unit and default setting to overwrite when video is full, or manually setup to stop once sd is full. To view from your mobile device, just select the app, and live viewing appears within seconds. You can even record snapshots directly to your phone and select earlier recordings from the units internal SD card to instantly view. Video playback speed varies on each individual network. PC is not require to be on during recording. Magenta color will be display during live mode. Playback / Recorded mode color can be changed to normal color. 1yr warranty. read more