Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower Carbon CC X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike

The Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon CC XO1 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike is designed for the aggressive trail rider seeking one bike that'll shred pretty much any stretch of singletrack that lies before you, regardless if you're pedaling deep into the Colorado Rockies or ripping through the thick forests of Northern Vermont's famed Kingdom Trails. It's one of the most versatile 29ers on the marketplace, allowing you to experience the widest breadth of riding locations wi most versatile 29ers on the marketplace, allowing you to experience the widest breadth of riding locations without it being too much bike on tamer trails or conversely, being outgunned when the trail turns steep and rocky. For the 2019 model year, the Hightower gets fresh colorways for an eye-catching look that's sure to draw complements out on the trail. Otherwise, it's exactly the same as previous model years, which is a good thing if you're seeking dialed geometry that both climbs and descends extremely well. This particular Hightower represents the lightest frame available, thanks to Santa Cruz's top-tier Carbon CC layup for weight savings over the cheaper Carbon C frame. Typical Santa Cruz Carbon CC frames weight approximately 250 to 280 grams lighter than those with the Carbon C layup, giving you a lighter, more spirited feel when it's time to accelerate from a corner, lay down power on punchy climbs, and smash over rocks and roots standing in your way. Best of all, this carbon layup doesn't sacrifice one bit of strength or stiffness, so you'll remain impressed with its precise handling and serious level of abuse this Carbon CC frame can withstand. The Hightower's adjustable flip-chip is definitely one of its best features, seeing you can swap out the provided 29-inch wheels for the voluminous traction and bump-smoothing support of 27. 5+ wheels rolling on tires up to a massive 3. 0 inches wide. That being said, Santa Cruz no longer offers a 27. 5+ build from the factory, so you'll have to either buy a 150-millimeter fork or swap out the air spring in the provided 140-millimeter FOX 36 Float Performan... read more