Roanne Lewis

For the Love of Eating : Plant-Based, Vegan Recipes for Energy, Weight-Loss and Healing

For the Love of Eating contains over 250 plant-based, macrobiotic recipes. But this isn't your typical vegan cookbook. Author/Chef Roanne Legg (formerly Lewis) draws from an extensive and eclectic background to reinvent many dishes. Learn how to correctly prepare whole grains, beans, cultured foods, sea vegetables, nuts, seeds, and a rainbow of vegetables into delicious, easy and creative, vegan foods. She shows us how to use natural foods to prevent and relieve illto delicious, easy and creative, vegan foods. She shows us how to use natural foods to prevent and relieve illnesses by accepting the natural tastes. Food is no longer the problem - For the Love of Eating shows us how to make food the solution. Roanne's "Mac 'n' Cheez" is not the typical soy cheese or cashew cream concoction, even different from mainstream vegetarian or vegan offerings. Her "Italian Sauce" is not another innovative tomato rendition of the classic. The gluten-free "Corn Bread" is so moist - its ingredients the simplest. For the Love of Eating doesn't use spices and herbs, soy, wheat or processed natural foods to make something taste like chicken, cheese, or whatever. It uses winter squash, onions, whole grains to name only a few, to create change and diversity. Want to eat lots of purple cabbage without eating it in a salad or a sweet and sour sauté? Try the "Black Soybean Spice Patties" and make the "Sunflower Dream Cheese" to go with them. Bad habits can be difficult but our habits turn into symptoms and over the years (decades) our body degenerates. For the Love of Eating contains ideas for cleansing, healthy eating, tips for staying on a healing (and tasty) food path, and most important, recipes. Cooking is easier than you think. It's fun and creative - especially healthy cooking. Roanne shows us how blending seeds, grains, and vegetables into creamy concoctions changes the need to use dairy products. She demonstrates how utilizing beans, cultured foods, nuts, seeds and a rainbow of whole foods provides optimal protein and nutrients to sustain life. It is a vegan cookbook about healthy eating including macrobiotics. It is an experience into food. - plant-based - vegan - macrobiotic - dairy-free - wheat-free - meat-free - mostly oil-free - egg-free read more