REEDS Signature

Exclusive REEDS Signature Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 1/2ct

From the exclusive REEDS Signature Diamond Collection, this stunning engagement ring features a 1/2ct REEDS Signature round diamond set in a 14k white gold four prong solitaire setting. This REEDS Signature round diamond features a unique faceting pattern charted on an individualized grading report with a corresponding laser inscription on the diamond itself. Engraved under the head of the ring is the script "REEDS Signature" accented with a Peek-a-boo diamond. The . Engraved under the head of the ring is the script "REEDS Signature" accented with a Peek-a-boo diamond. The diamond is 1/2ct, I or better in color, I1 or better in clarity and is presented with a graded diamond report**, referred to specifically as a GIA Diamond Dossier®. Ring is 4mm across the top and 2mm at the bottom.This REEDS Signature diamond*:Signature diamonds 1/5ct or larger are graded by GIA; Gemological Institute of America.All Signature diamonds are laser inscribed with REEDS, a Maple Leaf and a unique identification number to proudly identify its Canadian heritage.All Signature diamonds come with a certificate of origin report (COO) identifying and guaranteeing your diamond's country and mine of origin.Signature Round and Square cut diamonds are exclusive cuts to REEDS creating unique and additional faceting for maximum beauty.*Diamonds less than 1/5ct are not considered to be REEDS Signature diamonds.**Graded diamonds are often mistakenly referred to as "certified diamonds" or as including a "diamond certificate." The term "certification" has been widely and wrongfully applied to diamonds, and therefore can lead to some confusion when referring to a diamond's evaluation. What is incorrectly called a "certification" is, in fact, an individual grading report performed by a laboratory which assesses the diamond's characteristics. To better serve our REEDS customers as they make important purchases, a grading report is included with the purchase of this diamond. read more