Red Carpet Manicure

Red Carpet Manicure 8-in-1 Base Coat

8-in-1 Base Coat - Red Carpet Manicure developed the ultimate base coat meeting strict requirements of the red carpet. Problem: Ordinary base coats can stress the nails. Solution: Red Carpet Manicure's 8-in-1 Base Coat instantly adheres to the natural nail giving any polish the proper base. Argan and Baobab oils help infuse and maintain natural nails for wonderfully conditioned nails.8 Benefits:BasecoatStrengthensRestoresHardensProtectsSmoothsConditionsIncreases weaderfully conditioned nails.8 Benefits:BasecoatStrengthensRestoresHardensProtectsSmoothsConditionsIncreases wear - 8-in-1 Base Coat read more