RecPro® Charles Collection

RecPro Charles 65\\\\\\\" RV Sleeper Sofa w/ Hide A Bed-Putty

Free Shipping to commercial addresses only with FedEx Freight. There is a $75 charge if shipping to a residential address.A continual challenge that most people living the recreational vehicle lifestyle face is a lack of comfortable and convenient sleeping space in their RV. With many RVs on the market, it is hard enough to find adequate room to comfortably sleep two people, let alone family or friends who happen to tag along for one of your trips across the countrysleep two people, let alone family or friends who happen to tag along for one of your trips across the country. The RV lifestyle really is a family activity at times. How do owners make room for guests? Some find a solution in packing tents so that their guests can sleep outside on the cold ground while they rest like royalty inside the RV. Others even go the extra step of bringing air mattresses so that their guests don’t have to feel like they’re living in the dark ages before comfortable bedding was invented. Why not give everyone someplace comfortable to sleep in your recreational vehicle? Why not outfit your alcoves or slide-outs with something that will allow you and your guests to share in the comfort of your RV while you’re out in the wilds? The RecPro Charles 65” Sofa Sleeper is the answer to all your sleeping space situations.Modern design and amazing comfort come together as one with the RecPro Charles 65” Sofa Sleep System. This sofa is designed to be compact enough to fit into the tight spaces in your RV, whether it be an alcove, slide-out, or recess, but offer a spacious sleeping area when it is fully extended to its almost 90” length. With one easy motion, the entire bed frame mechanism can be pulled out and the all-metal frame, with two sturdy vertical supports, will be ready to provide sweet dreams for you or your RV guests. The generous depth of the sleeper makes sure that none of your guests get shortchanged and left with feet hanging off the end of the mattress.The mattress is a picture of comfort. The bed’s padding is five inches thick and covered with a soft cloth that is elegantly stitched and patterned to add to the overall comfort of the bedding. This makes it so that even without a sheet or blankets, the bed (unlike other uncomfortable models on the market) will be a pleasure to sleep on. Aside from the comfort, an added plus is the attractive braided rope edging along with a beautiful shimmering flowered branch pattern on the material.The internal structure is a robust metal frame manufactured with sturdy steel tubing that, while lightweight, can easily support a pair of sleeping guests without giving. RecPro’s engineers made sure that this sleeper was designed to give the same solid support time and time again throughout the life of your recreational vehicle. The compact structure will stand up to not only a multitude of uses but the rigors of the road. That means the jostling and shaking that might break down competitor’s sleeper sofas won’t affect the RecPro Charles 65” Sofa Sleeper.The comfort doesn’t stop at the internal components. The external pieces are wrapped in a “buttery soft” faux leather material that is easily maintenanced. It has an attractive Tiona pattern that covers the surface with a crazed or “scaled” look that easily blends with most RV interior design schemes. The 100% polyurethane covering is backed by supple padding that creates a comfortable experience every time you sit down on the sofa. read more