All Weather Indoor/Outdoor Boho Chic Rug, Charcoal, 5'3" X 7'6”

Color: BLUE, NAVY, OCEAN, DOVE / GREY, NEUTRAL / NATURAL / BEIGE, CHARCOAL / DARK GREY. For an instant makeover, this area rug is one of the easiest and most fashionable ways to refresh a room with character and style. Constructed from polypropylene yarns to ensure resistance from stain, soil and sun, the dense fabrication will easily withstand the harsh elements of open environments including moisture and mildew. This rug creates a warm, natural entertaining enviroments of open environments including moisture and mildew. This rug creates a warm, natural entertaining environment no matter of the setting. Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. PRIYATE area rugs uses Belgian technology on Wilton looms to weave these rugs, making them durable and resistant to shedding. We use premium quality materials and excellent craftsmanship to create these rugs.Our rugs are accompanied with anti-microbial properties, the PRIYATE area rugs are mold/mildew resistant. UV stabilization of the yarns gives the area rug protection against the sun and prevents disintegration due to sunlight. Being water resistant and constructed to handle the outdoor elements they are ideal to amplify color and design. They are easy to clean, stains and spillage. Just hose it down with water and leave it to dry outdoors. Our rugs dry quickly and does not smell due to absorption of water during rainy seasons.We recommend using a non-skid pad beneath the rug to avoid the rug moving (pad is not included).Reverse roll packing helps to flatten out surface crease/waves automatically.Ideal for Mini-Makeover, Update open spaceLooking for a fast and simple way to freshen up your room. So, you don't want to make repairs to your flooring right now, but you need to hide cracks on the floor or cover up stains and water spots? No instructions or assembly needed for this transformation! Simple choose one of our many Priyate area rugs come in many designs and colors just place it in the chosen area and enjoy for years to come. read more