Platinum Pets

Platinum Pets Dog Non-Tip Stainless Steel Bowl

1 selling powder coated dog bowls High gauge stainless steel Vibrant and long-lasting colors complement any home decor Scratch, chip and fade resistant Dishwasher safe Removable silicone base prevents skidding and tipping Bowl Dimensions Small: 6.88-in x 6.88-in x 1.88-in (LxWxH)Per bowl capacity: 1.25 cup/10 oz Medium: 8.38-in x 8.38-in x 1.94-in (LxWxH)Per bowl capacity: 3.5 cup/28 oz Large: 11.44-in x 11.44-in x 2.63-in (LxWxH)Per bowl capacity: 6.25 cup/50 oz