Ping Men's Crossover Hybrid Iron 5H Alta 70 Graphite Stiff Left

PING Men's Crossover Hybrid IronPerformance In A Brand New CategoryIn designing the Crossover, PINGaTMs engineers created a brand new category for the company with a club that has a very specific function. The Crossover takes the best qualities of a hybrid and combines them with the performance advantages that long irons offer. The result is a club that offers high launch and incredible distance but is also easy to work both in terms of ball flight and trajectory. Trs high launch and incredible distance but is also easy to work both in terms of ball flight and trajectory. This club, however, should not be confused with what has traditionally in the golf world been called a driving iron. The Crossover is not a driving iron. Unlike traditional driving irons, the thicker sole of the Crossover allows the CG (center of gravity) to be moved well back, creating the type of launch conditions and faster ball speeds typically seen in a hybrid. But the clubaTMs flatter face is what enables the workability that the Crossover provides. Also of note, the Crossover features a unique black PVD finish, which gives the club a more compact look at address and provides excellent turf interaction.DetailsModels/Lofts 3C/18A a 4C/21A a 5C/24A Grip PING 5L Length 3C/39.75" a 4C/39.13" a 5C/38.5" Click the Enter Custom Specs tab above for custom shaft & grip options Ideal For:Golfers who are looking to replace long irons with a club thataTMs easier to launch but still provides a level of workability. The ability to work the ball might appeal more to a better player, but at the same time golfers of any ability level who donaTMt like the look of a traditional hybrid will enjoy similar performance in a club that has a cleaner, more compact profile.Carpenter 455 FaceStrong, lightweight materials were used to construct the CrossoveraTMs flat clubface, which generates higher launch and faster ball speeds.Extreme Heel-Toe WeightingThis design feature helps move the CG lower and further back, expanding the clubaTMs perimeter weighting to maximize forgiveness.Tiered Internal SoleThis innovative feature read more