7 Pet Essentials You Should Have Before Bringing Home a New Reptile

A reptile sitting on a stick
Black clamp lamp for a reptile enclosure photo

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Dimming Clamp Lamp

Most reptiles require a temperature-regulated enclosure, and this clamp lamp is the perfect option for your pet. It allows you to direct the heat wherever your critter needs it and also features a dimming function so you have full control of the temperature inside their tank. Plus, it costs less than $15, so you really can't go wrong. You'll receive everything you need for an easy assembly, but the light bulb is sold separately.

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Reptile Cavern

No matter what type of reptile you have or plan to bring home, this half-log cavern is a must. It provides them with a place to hide when they want some peace and quiet, and it can be their go-to place to nap when paired with the soft, natural bedding featured below. It's constructed to look like a real log, which will make your critter feel right at home in a more natural habitat.

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Natural Reptile Bedding

If you're looking for ways to save money on bedding for your reptile, this bag of Repti Bark might be your solution. It's made from 100 percent pure douglas fir that simulates a humid, tropical environment by retaining moisture and releasing it back into the terrarium — not to mention it can be washed and reused. Simply soak it in hot water every two or three months and place it back in the tank when it's dry for your pet to enjoy all over again.

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Under tank heater for reptile terrariums photo

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Under Tank Heater

Perfect for aquatic reptiles and amphibians, this under-tank heating pad allows your pet to stay warm no matter where they are in their enclosure. Use the temperature control panel to set the heat anywhere between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius, and pair it with the clamp lamp above to give them the ultimate setup. With seven different sizes to choose from, there's bound to be one that fits your pet.

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Feeding Dish

Some reptiles like to hunt for live mice or crickets inside their enclosures, but others get their nutrients from wet or dry food. For just $6 you can help keep their food in one place with this life-like feeding dish from Walmart. It's made from food-grade resin with a smooth finish that resists bacteria growth, making it super easy to clean.

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10-Gallon aquatic reptile starter kit photo

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Aquatic Reptile Starter Kit

If you've never owned a reptile before, you might want to invest in this aquatic starter kit. That way, you know you'll have everything you need to prepare before your new pet arrives. It comes complete with a 10-gallon aquarium with a locking screen lid, platform, hiding spot, stairs for climbing, dome lamp and heating bulb, water filter, food, and instructions for an easy setup. With these digs, your reptile will have everything they need to settle into their new life as a domestic pet.

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