PSA: This Surprising Store Carries Cute Supplies for Your Pet That You'll Love, Too

Light brown and white wood cat house photo

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Cat Cuddle House

Is this a cat house or a piece of avant-garde mid-century art? Maybe a bit of both. Complete with scratch pads, an attached toy, and a cushioned hideout, don't be surprised if your kitty immediately takes to its new space. And you'll immediately take to how it looks in your home.

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Orange and white pet teepee photo

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Pet Teepee

Your furry friends deserve the best — but if you can't give them an entire room of their own, gift them this cute and cozy teepee. Two front flaps tie back to reveal your dog's bed, with enough room to hide away toys and accessories, too. It's the perfect spot for your pooch to rest or chew a treat in comfort and style.

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Dark brown wood dog bed with blue-gray pillow photo

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Mid-Century Wood Dog Bed

Who says mid-century modern décor has to be limited to human furniture? This sleek dog bed is a stylish addition to nearly any home, and its mattress is not only cushy (ideal for your pup) but also water-resistant (ideal for you). And since the frame is made from high-quality acacia wood, don't be surprised if it lasts for years and years.

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Leopard-print fish-shaped food dish photo

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Leopard Fish-Shaped Dish

Say goodbye to your kitty's basic feeding dish, and say hello to this super-trendy version instead. With its fish shape and cute leopard print, you'll totally want a matching serving set of your own. Soon enough, your cat will feel like the king of the jungle — even when eating kibble.

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White ceramic treat jar with blue stripe photo

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Dog Treat Jar

Keep dog treats stowed away in a container you'll actually want to display on your counter. This colorblocked ceramic jar is hand-dipped for a contemporary, artistic look, and its secure lid keeps biscuits fresh for your pup. Guests will never guess its true purpose — just make sure they don't accidentally mistake the treats for cookies!

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Brown woven round cat bed photo

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Elevated Cat Bed

Your cat already thinks they rule the house — now give them a throne that's fit for royalty. This elevated bed makes for fun climbing and jumping, while its hand-woven banana leaf construction gives your space a cozy feel. And since its cushion is removable and machine-washable, it's easy to keep nice and clean.

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Light brown knotted jute rope toy photo

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Jute Tug Rope Toy

This is one toy you won't mind seeing around the house. Its knot and loop makes for hours of safe chewing and playing tug-of-war with your pup, and since it's so simple and neutral, it'll look like an intentional part of your home's décor. Bonus: This toy is made from a natural, eco-friendly jute material, so you'll feel good knowing it's safe for your dog and the environment.

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Gray patterned pet stairs with white stairs photo

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Pet Stairs

Sometimes senior or disabled pets need extra help jumping up to your human-height bed or window — and these pet steps are here to make things a little easier (and more accessible) for them. The soft, grippable stairs can easily be moved around the house, and since the slipcover zips on and off, you can just toss it into the wash whenever it needs a refresh.

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Light brown wood litter box with swing doors and scratch pad photo

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Eco-Friendly Litter Box

The days of ugly litter boxes hidden away in back rooms are gone, thanks to this contemporary setup. Two easy-open doors discreetly hide your cat's dirty business so effectively that guests would never guess there's a litter box there. And the scratch pad area next door catches litter — which means your cleaning routine just got a lot simpler.

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Mahogany wood double feeding dish photo

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Wooden Pet Feeder

Your pet can feast from a feeder that's sophisticated enough to match your own dinner table. With a sleek mahogany finish, elevated height for easier eating, and a water-resistant coating, this is a timeless piece your pet will enjoy for years to come. And with two available sizes, greyhounds, yorkies, and every breed in between can get their fill.

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