5 Cat Supplies That'll Save Your Furniture (and Your Sanity)

5 Cat Supplies That'll Save Your Furniture (and Your Sanity)

Bringing home a new feline friend is exciting, but you'll want to make sure you're prepared ahead of time. We rounded up five cat products you need to keep your kitty busy — and away from the furniture.

Raised scratching board for cats with replaceable inserts. photo

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Scratching Board

Cats need to stretch their muscles just like humans, but instead of allowing them to do so on your sofa (and tearing up the cushions in the process), get them their own scratching board. This board sits at an inclined angle so your kitty can stretch her paws as far as she needs to feel satisfied. Plus, the replaceable insert is made from durable, non-toxic recycled paperboard that lets your cat protract her claws in a place that won't harm your furniture.

Buy It! $24 (usually $40); wayfair.com

Black nail caps for cats. photo

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Soft Claws Nail Caps

Avoid biweekly trips to the groomer by trying out these nail caps by Soft Claws. They are available in various colors and, once applied, look like your cat was treated to a spa day. One package contains enough supplies for four applications, including 40 caps and two tubes of adhesive. To easily apply the nail caps, start by trimming your cat's claws with nail clippers, add the adhesive to the cap, and attach it to the nail. The caps last up to two weeks and are a pain-free way to protect your carpet and furniture from kitty's claws.

Buy It! $15 (usually $22); petco.com

Multi-level cat tree with a bed. photo

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Cat Tree

Cats tend to get bored easily, which is why this cat tree is a great addition to your home. It sits about 3.5-ft. high and will be the perfect jungle gym to entertain your kitty while you're at work. It features three platforms, four scratching posts, a condo, and a hanging toy at the top.

Buy It! $40; target.com

SmartyKat catnip spray. photo

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SmartyKat Catnip Spray

Try to entice your cat away from the furniture with this SmartyKat catnip spray. With just a couple spritzes on his toys or scratching post, your cat will be drawn to the things he's supposed to play with rather than the things he's not, like the curtains or couch. Because the smell of the spray helps focus the cat's attention on his toys rather than your furniture, it makes an effective training tool.

Buy It! $5; walmart.com

Interactive ball cat toy with three tiers and three balls. photo

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Feline Titan's Tower Interactive Cat Toy

Sometimes a string or a ball just won't hold her attention, and you need to add an interactive toy to your cat's collection. Enter this Feline Titan's Tower. This is a toy your furry friend can play with on its own, making it the perfect entertainment when you're away. With just a tap, the multicolor balls start gliding around in circles to capture your kitty's interest.

Buy It! $12; walmart.com