The One Litter Box System to Eliminate Odor and Tracking Once and for All

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System

Whether you're planning to welcome a new kitty into your home or just looking for a more efficient way to prevent litter tracking, the Tidy Cats breeze litter box system has you covered. It's available in an open or hooded design and comes with everything your cat needs, including a scooper, small bag of pellets, four breeze pads, and directions on how to properly transition your furry friend from litter to pellets. With more than 1,000 positive reviews on Chewy, this system is specifically constructed to keep litter inside the box while making the cleaning process a whole lot easier. Instead of traditional fine-grain litter, this system uses small, 99-percent dust-free pellets that allow moisture to pass through onto the super absorbant Breeze pad while solids remain on top for easy clean-up. Plus, the pellets won't get stuck between cats' paws, which is more comfortable for them and helps keep your home free of litter — it's a win-win!

One reviewer says, "I have been using this litter system since 2014 and will never go back to traditional litter again. All you do is scoop the poop and change the pad. There is no urine odor with these pads — they are amazing!" To ensure your litter box stays odor-free, it's recommended to change the pellets once a month; the pads should be replaced every seven days for one cat or every two days for two cats. For added convenience, Chewy offers a pellet and Breeze pad bundle for $26 that's delivered right to your door.

What sets this system apart from any other box is the pull-out drawer on the bottom of the box that traps moisture instead of letting it sit on top. Cats prefer to do their business in a clean space, and this unique feature prevents the box from filling up as quickly, providing a better experience for your pet. Like other satisfied customers, once you try it, you'll never go back!

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