6 Better-Than-Basic Home Aquariums

6 Better-Than-Basic Home Aquariums

Want to turn your home into an exotic oasis for you and your pet? The right aquarium can be more than just a safe and comfy space for your animals; it can be an eye-catching part of your home's decor, too. Ahead, shop modern, stylish options that are as great to look at as they are for your pet to live in.

Rectangle 6 gallon aquarium from Fluval photo

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Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

This ain't your average fish bowl. A modern cube design with LED lighting means this aquarium will show off your underwater oasis in all its glory — and actually make a striking substitute for your standard desk lamp.

Buy It! $150; amazon.com

Round LED 35 liter aquarium from Biorb by Oase photo

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BiOrb by Oase Tube Aquarium

Get a 360-degree view of your fish friends with a sleek cylindrical style. This one's got LED lighting, a five-stage filtration system, and even has a sealed lid to prevent curious cats from pawing their way in.

Buy It! $179; walmart.com

Black wire top terrarium for turtles from Penn Plax photo

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Penn-Plax Terrarium

This terrarium houses tortoises in an attractive trunk-inspired design.The minimalist wire-top style features a glass viewing area so you can show off your shell-top pal and an opaque section for when he wants to be alone (hey, reptiles need privacy, too).

Buy It! $288 (usually $360); petco.com

Clear acrylic wall mounted bubble fish tank from Fish Bubble photo

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Fish Bubble Mounted Fish Tank

Turn your home into an aquatic oasis by mounting one or more super-cool bubble tanks on your wall. You'll feel like you've stepped into a submarine or gone deep-sea diving, all without leaving your house.

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Open terrarium tank with waterfall from Penn-Plax photo

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Penn-Plax AquaTerrium

More than an aquarium, this tank is a tiny ecosystem, allowing you to grow live plants alongside your fish. The terrarium tank includes a rock landscape with planting pods and a waterfall that provides nutrients to plants, as well as a set of artificial plants. The result: A breathtaking miniature waterworld.

Buy It! $70; amazon.com

Silver dome top reptile terrarium from BioBubble photo

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BioBubble Reptile Terrarium

House your reptile pal in an adorable dome-top habitat where you can keep an eye on him from all sides. This expandable plastic structure comes with a screen for mounting lights (or separating multiple species) and a removable, easy-upkeep bedding tray.

Buy It! $120; amazon.com