This Is the Best Guinea Pig Cage on Amazon — and Your Rabbits Will Love It, Too

Three white and brown guinea pigs eating grass

This Is the Best Guinea Pig Cage on Amazon — and Your Rabbits Will Love It, Too

Your furry friend deserves the best, and this guinea pig cage (or really, a home) is just that. It's earned more than 3,00 rave reviews on Amazon — read on to learn why.

Meet the Deluxe Habitat from Living World

Although they are considered a low-maintenance pet and don't need things like outdoor walks or scheduled feedings, guinea pigs still require plenty of living space. The Humane Society says guinea pigs "need appropriate room to roam and separate spaces for a nest, bathroom area, and food and water." They suggest using a cage for one guinea pig that measures at least 36-in. long.

Finding a cage that meets those specifications but still works with your lifestyle may seem daunting, but we compared reviews, followed the guidelines, and decided on the Deluxe Habitat by Living World, which you can buy on Amazon. The large cage includes everything you need to care for your small pet — food dishes, a drip-proof water bottle, and hay guard — and exceeds the recommended size for guinea pig cages with a length of 37.8-in. It's also available in extra large or standard (but if you've got more than one guinea pig, we recommend going for the biggest size). It opens at the top for easy cleaning, a feature that stood out to this Amazon customer who struggled to get her kids to take responsibility for the care of their pet:

"You can spray it down with cleaner, I like bleach, and spray it off with the hose, dry thoroughly, put in new bedding, and boom — clean. So easy even my kids don't mind doing it."

Not Just for Guinea Pigs

Because it's designed with small animals in mind, this guinea pig cage can be used for rabbits, chinchillas, and even ferrets (only the extra-large size for those guys, though). This reviewer said they got the cage for their two 5-lb. bunnies and it gave them plenty of space to roam:

"They are able to get in and out of the sliding door when we open it to allow them to get out and explore, but it's very secure when closed and they cannot open or chew on it. They also love to hide their toys and chew sticks in the "hidey hole," and can go in there when they need some alone time."

At $100 for the large size, the caget isn't the cheapest option compared to smaller models, but the Humane Society says there are several health benefits to offering a larger cage for your guinea pig. They provide plenty of stimulation to prevent boredom and depression, promote peaceful co-existence among multiple guinea pigs, and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and infections. Larger cages also tend to be easier to clean and allow your pet to exercise on their schedule — meaning you won't have to get up first thing, when guinea pigs prefer to run around, to let them out of their crate.

Buy It! Living World Deluxe Habitat, $80 (usually $100);