6 Cat Bowls That Make Mealtime Easier (and Less Messy) for Your Furry Friend

6 Cat Bowls That Make Mealtime Easier (and Less Messy) for Your Furry Friend

Feeding dishes play a surprisingly significant role in your cat's health. Bowls that are too big can stimulate overeating, whereas dishes that are too flat can cause a mess and frustrate your feline. So we rounded up some of our favorite cat bowls that are both human- and kitty-approved.

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Decorative Cat Bowls

This cat bowl set is not only adorable, but it also encourages stress-free eating. The sloped, shallow design makes it easier for your cat to access food without getting her face dirty, and the non-slip feet keep the bowls in place. Made of melamine, these dishes won't absorb odors like plastic bowls, and they are quieter than stainless steel options. Grab a black and white set for a stylish, chic look, or pick up pink and white for the feminine feline.

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Standing Pet Food Bowl

It's better for your cat to eat in a natural position, which is why standing feeders are popular among pet owners. Elevated feeding dishes are especially important for senior cats who experience muscle and joint pain. This cat bowl set features two stainless steel dishes and black elevated frame with rubberized feet to keep the bowls in place—so even enthusiastic feeders can dine comfortably.

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Raised Cat Bowl

Decorative and functional, this cat bowl has more than 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon. It was designed with your cat's comfort in mind and is available in three sizes to cater to cats from kittens to seniors. The deeper bowl keeps food in the center so your kitty won't have to chase stray kibbles around the rim — and it's easy to clean. Just place it in the dishwasher.

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Elevated Cat Bowl

If your cat has a tendency to splash water, then you need this elevated cat feeder. It won't slide around as your cat eats, and its built-in drain keeps water off your floors. Plus, the elevated design lets your pet eat in a natural, comfortable position that aids with digestion. Available in six colors, you're sure to find one that blends in with the rest of your space.

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Automatic Feeder

This automatic pet feeder doesn't just feed your kitty while you're away. Divided into five one-cup sections, the rotating tray prevents overeating by delivering the measured amount on a schedule — and the lid (which is pet-proof) makes sure your furry friend can access only one section at a time.

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Rippled Cat Food Bowls

This cat food bowl set is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and holds about 5 oz. of food at a time. The shallow design prevents whisker fatigue (a stress-inducing condition caused by overstimulation), and the ripples keep food in place for a stress-free mealtime. The set comes in either oval or round shapes and several color options. Ivory is ideal for a clean, sophisticated look, while shades like Aruba and Rose add a fun pop.

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