Your Bird Will Love These Cages — And They're So Pretty, You Will Too

Your Bird Will Love These Cages — And They're So Pretty, You Will Too

Bird cages tend to be big, boxy, and boring. These bird cages are anything but. With unique shapes and gorgeous details, these are cages you'll love as much as your bird.

Large blue Mcage wrought iron bird cage on wheels with a rounded top photo

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Blue Dome-Top Bird Cage

In a pretty domed shape and antique blue finish, this cage is an upgrade from a bird's usual digs. A flared steel skirt along the bottom helps catch seed spillage, while three feeder doors ensure easy access to your pet. And the natural wood perch allows your macaw, cockatoo, or other large bird to settle in and get comfortable.

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White A&E bird cage with tiered decorative top on wheels photo

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Victorian-Inspired Bird Cage

Treat your bird like the royalty it is. This ornate cage lets your bird perch in style and comes complete with a slide-out tray for easy cleaning. With its chic white color and top detailing, it's a style statement as well as a happy home for your pet.

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Stainless steel Prevue bird cage with wooden perch, two porcelain bowls inside, and decorative top with hook for hanging photo

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Round Stainless Steel Cage

This stainless steel cage is the touch of elegance your small-to-medium bird (and your home) deserves. With a hook for hanging, foot-friendly perch, and pretty porcelain water and food cups, it's everything you need to give your canary or finch a beautiful home.

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Clear Caitec bird cage with white top and bottom and two small birds inside photo

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Clear View Bird Habitat

Let your small bird take center stage with this clear cage. Its unobtrusive, clear plexiglass windows eliminate most of the traditional metal bars. No longer will a strictly utilitarian cage be the focal point of your room — you'll hardly notice this cage is there.

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Small circular Prevue bird cage with yellow detailing at the top and bottom and two perches photo

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Round Yellow Bird Cage

Add a pop of color to your space with this affordable little cage. It offers multiple perch options for your bird, and a ring at the top means it can be hung from a hook indoors or out. With its round shape and yellow details, this cage would be cute as decor — even if you don't have a bird!

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