6 Top-Rated Cat Toys on Amazon, According to Hyper-Enthusiastic Reviews

Cat playing with a mouse toy on a white chair
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Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

With more than 5,000 positive reviews, this tower of tracks game is sure to keep your kitty entertained. This stimulating toy features three bright balls that are made to grab his attention and has a non-slip base to ensure it stays in place. Place it in your living room and watch as your feline companion gets plenty of play time.

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Rechargeable Cat Laser Pointer

Designed to be user-friendly, this rechargeable laser is a true game changer — and unlike any others you've seen. The handheld toy features a switch with three different functions: laser, LED moon light, and a UV light. One charge lasts for more than an hour so your cat will get all the exercise and play time she needs.

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Cat Toys Variety Pack

Whether you're preparing to bring a new cat home or you just can't decide what toy to get your current kitty, this 20-pack of cat toys is just what your furbaby needs. From plush fish toys to catnip snacks, this variety pack has practically everything your cat could want. Empty the bag all at once or stash some of the toys away so you always have more on hand when one gets worn out.

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Catnip Toy

From bottle caps to knocking cups off counters, cats play with just about anything. This top-rated banana cat toy is made of durable material and filled with catnip, making it the perfect distraction from your furniture or household items. You can even put it in your cat's carrier to keep him occupied on a trip to the vet's office.

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Rainbow Cat Charmer

Although a standard toy, this cat charmer has 1,268 five-star reviews. The bright toy combines a long wand with a nontoxic, rainbow strand of fabric to captivate your kitty. Use the wand to drag the material across the floor and wait in anticipation as your cat prepares to pounce. Some reviewers caution that the toy can be a choking hazard, but when used responsibly and with playtime monitored your cat is in for hours of fun.

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Collapsible Cat Tunnel

Featuring a strong spring structure and durable faux fur, this collapsible tunnel will support just about any cat — large or small. To make it more interactive, the top has two holes for your feline friend to jump in and out of. Once she's done playing, simply fold the tube up and store it in a closet or toy bin.

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