Oxford Garden

Oxford Garden Wexford 48 in. Dining Table

Dimensions: 48L x 48W x 29.75H in.All-weather shorea wood is decay-resistantIf left untreated it weathers to a warm grayContemporary armless designSlat-style seat and backMortise and tenon constructionSeats up to 6 peopleDurable enough for commercial useEasy assembly required. Sleek legs, all-weather construction, and seating for six, this Oxford Garden Wexford 48 in. Dining Table is sure to up your outdoor dining game. The table is made of shorea, which is as denseord 48 in. Dining Table is sure to up your outdoor dining game. The table is made of shorea, which is as dense and weather-resistant as teak and eco-friendly, too. If left untreated, your table will weather to a warm gray. Generously sized to seat six with an X style stretcher base that add stability.Shorea Wood: An Eco-Friendly ChoiceLike teak, its more expensive counterpart, Shorea is a high-quality hardwood praised not only for its looks, but also for its longevity and resistance to decay. Shorea is hard and dense, like teak. In fact, it possesses an even tighter wood grain, making it heavier, denser, and harder than teak, and both woods are extremely resistant to decay. Shorea wood contains a comparatively high oil content, which not only enhances its defenses against the ravages of time and changing climate, but also against destructive insect infestations. So if teak and Shorea are so similar, why does teak cost up to twice as much? Shorea's lower cost can be attributed to its abundance compared to teak's rarity.This abundance of supply is also what makes Shorea a green choice. Shorea wood is carefully regulated. Only mature trees can be legally harvested. This ensures a steady supply of Shorea wood, while also protecting irreplaceable forests. Because Oxford Garden obtains their Shorea wood from superior sources, minimal processing is required to bring out the wood's stunning color and grains. This means less chemicals used. Oxford Garden's factories use recycled wood to fuel production kilns. They take steps to conserve natural resources and the result is a smaller carbon footprint. read more