Nestl Bedding

Nestl Bedding 1800 Thread Count Bed Sheet Set US-nstl-BS-WB Color: Sage

Color: Sage Nestl Bedding US-nstl-BS-WB Nestl bed sheets are made of luxuriously thick 100% microfiber fabric, at an affordable price. Enjoy an experience of a true luxury and a cool comfortable night's sleep with exceptionally thin breathable sheet set that have a silky soft feel and a lustrous finish. Brand description Nestl is a well known worldwide brand providing high quality product for those who are longing for an upscale living and main thing is that it is f providing high quality product for those who are longing for an upscale living and main thing is that it is for the price that fits any budget, at Nestl bedding, we're devoted to the art and science of creating exceptional sleep environments. Nestl Bedding believes in the power of a good night's sleep to lay the foundation for a joyful and healthy life. Easy care. Wrinkle and fade resistant machine wash in cold water and quick-tumble dry on low. Sewn together flat and fitted sheets. Nestl microfiber yarns and ventilated weave make it hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, unlike cotton that can harbor allergens, mildew and even bed bugs, Nestl microfiber repels contaminants and mites, preventing them from finding a home in your bedding. Allergy sufferers breathe easy and wake up feeling refreshed instead of congested and those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema rest in a healing environment instead of being further irritated at night. Nestl microfiber superior performance and luxurious feel begin with yarns that is even finer, longer and stronger than silk. Nestl microfiber yarns are finished with a meticulous brushing and conditioning process before being woven into premium fabrics then undergo an additional brushing to attain the lustrous, ultra soft finish sought by connoisseurs of fine linens. Nestl microfiber is made to look as good as it feels. It's exceptionally color-fast and even after years of regular use will look as vibrant as the first night you enjoyed it. The pigments used to infuse Nestl microfiber fabrics with color are based on the same gentle oils used in bath and beauty products, and no bleach or other harsh chemicals are required to remove stains from Nestl microfiber. More durable than the highest thread count cotton sheets, Nestl microfiber fabric could not be easier or more energy-efficient to clean. Its ultra fine yarns and micro ventilated weave repel sweat and stains, making a short cold-water wash and a quick tumble dry on low heat all you need to keep Nestl microfiber linens fresh and clean. Nestl microfiber won't weaken or tear even after years of use, maintaining a smooth, wrinkle-resistant that only improves with time. Features: -Waterbed set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases.-Healthy environment.-Luxury meets performance.-Vibrant and fade-resistant colors.-Easy and energy efficient care.-Quick drying.-Cold water washable.-Wrinkle and fade resistant.-Comes with the strongest stitching to prevent tears.-Stronger and more durable than cotton.-Breathable and hypoallergenic.-100% Microfiber for luxurious thickness, softness and warmth.-Sewn together flat and fitted sheets with 4 pole insert pockets on fitted sheet.-Product Type: Sheet set.-Color: .-Pattern: Striped.-Life Stage: Adult.-Gender: Neutral.-Material: -Material Details: Double brushed microfiber..-Material Quality: Microfiber.-Thread Count: 1800.-Ply Count: Two-Ply.-Brushed: Yes.-Non-Pilling: Yes.-Hypoallergenic: Yes.-Wrinkle Resistant: Yes.-Iron Safe: No.-Custom Fit: Deep pocket.-Embroidered: Yes.-Hemstitching: Yes.-Organic: Yes.-Maximum Mattress Thickness: 18.-Compatible Pillowcase Part Number: .-Washing Method: Machine washable.-Drying Method: Tumble read more