MegaGrass MegaLawn Pro 12 x 5 ft Artificial Grass for Golf Putts Indoor/Outoor Area Rug

MEGALAWN PREMIERE FOR LAWN & LANDSCAPE APPLICATION. Indoor and outdoor artificial grass for residential and commercial use. MegaGrass's fake grass is toxin and emission free landscaping that looks like the real thing! Artificial grass makes a great eco-friendly alternative to live grass lawns! It doesn't tax soil and earth like live grass does, and it doesn't require harmful pesticides.UNIQUE 1.6" HIGH BLADES AND 50 OZ FACE WEIGHT DENSITY CAN WITHSTAND HIGH TRAFFIC.t require harmful pesticides.UNIQUE 1.6" HIGH BLADES AND 50 OZ FACE WEIGHT DENSITY CAN WITHSTAND HIGH TRAFFIC. Thick and lush, with a combination of emerald green and lime green colored thatch and patch, our artificial turf grass features a blade height of 1.6" and a 50 oz face weight density. MegaLawn Premiere can withstand high traffic and drains at 23 gallons per hour. Our straight-edged blade, the Valley, realistically mimics the natural patterns of natural lawns.COMES WITH A 15 YEAR WARRANTY AND CAN LAST 20 TO 25 YEARS WITH NORMAL USE. Unlike with natural grass or sod, your artificial grass decor doesn't require watering, lawn mowing, fertilizing, or pest control! Built-in drainage systems ensure that you only need to hose down your artificial grass turf on occasion to keep it clean. UV protected with patented EverCool Technology keeps grass 15% cooler than regular turf and is designed to withstand rough play and changing weather conditions.THERE ARE 1500 CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE. MegaGrass carries 15 caringly crafted kinds of grass in a variety of blade heights, face weights and natural looking colors. Check out MegaGrass's diverse range of environmentally-friendly grass products by searching MegaLawn, MegaPet, MegaGolf, MegaSport, MegaPlay, and MegaPorch on Walmart.NEED MORE OPTIONS? Check out our MegaLawn variety by searching MEGALAWN PURE, MEGALAWN PLUS, MEGALAWN PRO and MEGALAWN PLATINUM on Walmart. read more