LELINTA Women's Ultra Soft Leggings Full Length Casual Tights Trousers Leggings-Super Soft/Comfy/Stretchy

Leggings are a staple in an active women's everyday outfit. But it's difficult to find a great pair of basic leggings. Whether you're looking for a comfortable pair of pants to make your workout enjoyable or simply a pair of pants to lounge in, these Women's Yoga Tights Leggings from LELINTA are what you're looking for. Our LELINTA women's tights leggings consist of Polyeseter and Spandex fabric. Super soft touch for a smooth and give you an extra surprise like no wnsist of Polyeseter and Spandex fabric. Super soft touch for a smooth and give you an extra surprise like no wear. Fine sewing and well-tailored, you can cut out trouser legs in a certain length to fit yourself. Stretch without stress, stretch freely. Experience how comfortable our yoga pants is as it stretches with your every move. LELINTA women's leggings styles were designed to be mix and matched between workout outfits, lounging outfits and everyday wear, and these are the perfect pair of leggings for almost any occasion.LELINTA Women's Ultra Soft Leggings Full Length Casual Tights Trousers Leggings :90% Polyeseter, 10% SpandexUltra soft and breathable materialAvailable in multiple sizes and colorsLELINTA Women's�casual yoga tights leggingsPerfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout.SIZE REFERENCE: S-XL For Choice From Here.SIZEFIT WAISTFIT HIPS LENGTHS21.5"-36"(55-92cm)26.5"-39"(68-100cm)35"(89cm)M22"-37.4"(56-95cm)27.5"-43"(70-103cm)35.5"(91cm)L22.4"-38.5"(57-98cm)28.3"-41.7"(72-106cm)36"(92cm)XL22.8"-39.7"(58-101cm)29"-43"(74-109cm)37"(94cm)Leggings are a versatile piece of anybody's wardrobe, Modern usage from the 1960s came to refer to elastic close-fitting garments worn over the legs typically by women, such as leg warmers or tights. With the widespread adoption of the synthetic fabric Lycra and the rise in popularity of aerobics, leggings came to further prominence in the 1970s and '80s, and eventually made their way into streetwear.Leggings are a part of the late 2010s athleisure fashion trend of wearing activewear outside of sporting activities and in casual settings. How to Wear Leggings?1.Don't wear leggings that are too tight or too loose. Your leggings should be tight enough to snugly cover your legs, but not so tight that people can see every dimple in your legs. Make sure that they aren't so loose that they start to bunch over your legs, because that isn't very flattering either. You'll find ones that fit well not only look better, but feel more comfortable. 2.Leggings are pants, essentially.Some believe this not to be the case, and they are entitled to their opinion. You can comfortably step out of the house wearing pants and a shirt, as you can do the same with leggings, if you like. Pair leggings with a longer top or jacket. Even if the shirt hits below your butt, you'll still look like you stepped out of the house without putting everything on. Wear your leggings with a dress, a skirt, or even shorts.3.Don't wear your leggings with the wrong shoes.Leggings look great with knee-high boots, sandals, flip-flops, or even low-cut boots. If you wear your leggings with heels or pumps, make sure that they match your shirt and that you don't look too trashy.4.Make sure your leggings are long enough.You may have looked great in your perfect black leggings once upon a time, but after you've run them through the wash about a hundred times, you may notice that they rise a few inches above your ankles or they've gone saggy at the knee. read more