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Adele Recliner Chair by Lafer Recliners, Saddle

Adele Recliner Chairs by Lafer Recliners of Brazil are modern leather recliners and lounge chairs with fully retractable footrests that remain totally invisible when closed. Confirm your Adele recliner leather color from the leather swatch color charts shown for each color selection.Lafer Adele Recliner Dimensions: Total Height 41", seat height 19", total width 29", depth upright 32", depth reclined 67". Recline to a full sleep position at 170 degrees reclined or lodth 29", depth upright 32", depth reclined 67". Recline to a full sleep position at 170 degrees reclined or lock at any angle in between with a simple turn of the knob. Armrests lower with the backrest reclining movement for comfortable sleeping. Small footprint allows this chair to go in small spaces and still have ample room. Adele Recliner is a great ergonomic recliner and lounge chair for Home, Condo, Yacht or Office. Every Lafer leather recliner features independent backrest, headrest and footrest controls. Headrest adjusts forward and backward for TV watching or for sleep. With a Lafer recliner, the whole body remains in the correct position for total relaxation. A true one size fits all recliner, owned by thousands of users worldwide. Lafer Recliners come with top grain leather. Many colors and models of Lafer Recliners in stock in USA.The fully adaptable adjustment systems of the Lafer modern recliners have been developed by Percival Lafer over the past 20 years to provide the best experience the comfort of a reclining chair can offer, whether in an active position, such as talking, reading, watching TV or working with a laptop, or in a position of pure relaxation, rest or sleep. Lafer Reclining Chairs of Brazil has created high quality furniture, recognized worldwide for its comfort, elegance and ergonomic design for over 80 years. Strict quality control of Lafer recliners ensures tasteful furniture, made with high quality materials and finishes to last a lifetime. A Lafer recliner is an investment in quality, style and comfort! read more