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Kenz Laurenz Mulitfunctional Headband Wide Yoga Running Workout Mint

Kenz Laurenz Mulitfunctional Headbands Wide Yoga Running Workout Mint.WE'LL HOLD YOUR HAIR WHILE YOU DO LIFEKenz Laurenz Multifunctional Headbands are designed with you in mind here in the USA. These headbands are made of a High Quality Poly Elastane Blend.High Quality Poly Elastane is Soft but Strong. This breathable material is moisture wicking and sweat absorbing, keeping your head cool.High Tech Performance fabric allows the headband a soft stretch for the perfebsorbing, keeping your head cool.High Tech Performance fabric allows the headband a soft stretch for the perfect fit and provides a lightweight and comfortable feeling.Great for Sports, Fitness, and Fashion. Perfect for all hair styles and types, thick or thin. Available in many vibrant colors!Contact us about Team Discounts, Wholesale, Bulk pricing, Blank HeadbandsQUALITY, STYLE, AND VALUECONTENTS: Multifunctional Headwear and a Kenz Laurenz logo Hair Tie.MEASUREMENT: These Quality Headbands measures about 20 inches long and 10 inches wide.FIT: Designed to fit all head sizes, Adult, Teens, Girls, Boys, Women, and Men. One size fits most every head size and shape because our headbands are made of stretchy materials.WASHABLE VIBRANT COLORS: Kenz Laurenz Stretch Headbands are Machine Washable. Cold water and a low tumble dry OR simply hand wash and hang dry so your new headband retain its form, color and elasticity for years.SOFT, STRETCHY, ABSORBENTSTYLISH to suit your activity, mood or hairstyle.MULTI FUNCTIONAL to be used as a headband, sweatband, wrist band, arm band, head wrap, head band, sweat and.BREATHABLE to provide that soft coolness against the skin.COMFORTABLE to wear for sport or fashion, this band is perfect for everyday wear.NON SLIP to stay put and in place so you can focus on you and your activity.MOISTURE WICKING to help pull sweat away from the skin and quickly dry.SWEAT ABSORBING to keep the hair and sweat out of your eyes during those sweaty pursuits.STRETCH to provide the perfect fit.DURABLE to last a long time.BLANK, these headbands are perfect for imprinting, custom designing, embroidering, read more