Outdoor Arm Chairs, Hilo, Espresso Wicker, Set of 2, Ivory

The Hilo 2-piece set by Modify-It. The design origins are Clean European. The elements of comfort are inspired by the relaxed style of the Hawaiian Islands. The Aloha series comes in many configurations, but all feature a minimalist frame & thick, ample modern cube cushions. The back cushions are consistent in shape, not tapered in to create the lean back angle. Rather the frame itself is specifically "lean tapered" allowing for a full cushion, thus a more comfortabgle. Rather the frame itself is specifically "lean tapered" allowing for a full cushion, thus a more comfortable lounging experience. The cushion stitch style utilizes smooth & clean hand tailoring, without extruding edge piping. The generously proportioned frame is hand-woven of colorfast, PE Resin wicker. The fabric is Season-Smart 100% Outdoor Polyester & resists mildew, fading & staining. The ability to modify configurations may tempt you to move the pieces around a lot. No worries, Modify-It is manufactured w/ a strong but lightweight, rust proof Aluminum frame for easy handling. -Brand: Modify-It -Series: Aloha -Configuration: Hilo 2-piece set Armchairs -Rattan Type: Flat Wicker -Rattan Construction Method: Hand Interwoven -Rattan Material Content: Cross Linked Polyethylene Resin (XL-PE Resin) -Rattan Dye Method: Colorfast Extrusion Dyed. Color permeates the rattan. -Rattan Dimension: 8mm Wide x 1.5mm thick -Fabric: Season-Smart All Weather Fabric -Fabric Weight: 280 Grams Per Square Meter -Fabric Content: 100% Outdoor Polyester -Fabric Properties: Weather & Fade Resistant -Fabric Stain Resistant: Yes -Fabric Mildew Resistant: Yes -Slipcovers: Fabric slipcovers zippered for easy removal/cleaning -Tailoring: Smooth modern cushion fronts & edges. No piping. -Cushion: Dense foam core & lofty cotton layer in silk pouch -Seat Cushion thickness: 4.75 inches (12cm) -Back Cushion Thickness: 4.75 inches (12cm) -Frame Material Content: Corrosion & Rust Resistant High Tensile Aluminum -Design Detail: Aluminum base corner caps 5.9" x 5.9" x 1" -Floor Protectors: Yes -Assembly: Comes Fully Assembled -Notable: Additional Modular Units & Slipcover Colors available for purchaseHilo 2-piece set. Modular units Included: -(2) Arm chairs w/ throw pillows as seen in picture included -Dimensions: Width 31.5", Depth 31.5", Height 25.6" -Dimension: Floor to seat height 16.5"MATERIALS:Cross Linked Polyethylene Resin (HD-PE Resin)Polyethylene Resin is a compound commonly found used in Plastic Bottles. Its applications are many w/ an annual global production of 80 million tones. Cross Linked Polyethylene's ability to withstand extreme weather is one of the reasons it is selected for use in the manufacturing of Rattan that is used to make Outdoor Furniture. One of its properties is flexibility, making it easy to "basket weave" like a traditional rattan fiber. It's inherent flexibility means a stable outdoor product when exposed long term to elements such as direct sunlight, heat, water & freezing temperatures. Cross Linked Polyethylene Rattan is colorfast, meaning the dye is added at the time of extrusion when the polyethylene is in liquid format. This minimizes the appearance of scratch marks & improves the fade resistance of the rattan in extreme conditions.High Tensile Aluminum (HTA) framesHigh Tensile Aluminum is used for the supporting structural frame. The rattan is woven around the aluminum frame. Steel has a higher tensile strength than aluminum, is easier to weld & costs much less than aluminum. Steel has 2 significant issues. It rusts when exposed to moisture & it is heavy in overall weight. The Modify-it series will be used outdoors during 4 seasons. Even powder-coating steel does not provide protection against corrosion from snow & rain. High Tensile, square 18mm x18mm x 1.2mm thick Aluminum frames are utilized on all Modify-it outdoor furniture. High Tensile Aluminum (HTA) is the logical outdoor solution for lifelong corrosion free, lightweight strength.What is Modify-It?Modify-It outdoor modular furniture is available in multiple pre-configured collections that are made up of individual units. The difference between each of the 9 collections is the number & type of individual units included in the collection. The individual units in both collections are the same quality & design. An example is the Kauna 5pc collection & the Maui 9pc collection. The amount & type of pieces, the size each takes up & perhaps the amount of ways you can arrange them differs. You can use the configuration as pictured or modify it as your needs change, simply by moving the pieces around. You can purchase an existing configuration (collection) as it is or add additional pieces to modify it to meet your specific requirements. For example, you can add a chaise lounge to the Kauna 5pc set & effectively make it a 6pc set. So go ahead, Modify-It.Go ahead get creative. w/ a little imagination, the individual pieces in each of the 9 Aloha collections can be moved around or "modified" to provide many different variations other than the one pictured for each collection. A sofa for example can be read more