Kardiel Platform Mid-Century Modern Club Chair, Urban Surf, Walnut

An icon of mid century modern chair design, the Platform chair is well known for its architectural wooden base "platform". The design of the platform chair is minimal and sleek with clean lines. A modernist 3 panel fixed back and comfortably placed arms round upwards from a curve at the base. One of the intriguing differences you will find in the design of the Platform chair is the expansive wood platform that literally suspends the chair from the surface of the flohe Platform chair is the expansive wood platform that literally suspends the chair from the surface of the floor. Originating from the concept of a tree house, the platform is substantial in dimension and created from solid varnished but unstained American Walnut timbers in their natural color. This hefty architectural element features a specific lean back angle pitch and spans the front, the sides, underneath and artistically extends upwards supporting a significant portion of the back. The width of the wooden frame exceeds that of the width of the upholstered chair thus creating interesting angled space in the back between the frame and the chair at the base. As it moves up the back or the chair, the frame then angles back in toward the chair meeting and cradling the rear of the chair on each end. The wooden platform is a solid and architecturally stunning element from all angles allowing you to place the chair at any location in the room. The 3 individual Mid-century modern seat cushion design feature a multi-density foam core but you may notice they are plump and amply overstuffed with down feathers. A richly comfortable seating experience results from such a streamlined mid-century modern design. The platform is a substantial modernist chair design for a relatively small investment. From the wood frame, to the down feather stuffed cushions to the stitching of the upholstery, the platform chair is crafted entirely by hand.-Style: Mid Century Modern Platform Chair. Inspired by Treehouse architecture.-Frame: Traditional hardwood box frame construction-Wood species: Solid American AshTimbers in Walnut Stained-Platform Leg Finish: 3 coats of UV cured Polyurethane-Fasteners: Traditional wood dowel joinery-Wood Preparation: Wood is kiln dried stabilizing the moisture content-Leg Sanding: 3 step sanded. Coarse medium and fine grit-Seat Platform: Reinforced bottom seat cushion platform for longer lasting support-Foam Type: Durable multi-density foam -Seat Cushion:Amply overstuffed Down Feather -Seat Cushion Style: Fitted removable seat cushions-Back Style: Full width affixed solid back -Stitch Edge Type: Piping in vintage twill cotton blend-Tufting Type: Button tufting back-Leg Type: Solid suspending wood frame platform-Fabric Type: Vintage Tailored Twill: 60% Linen, 20% Cotton, 20% Nylon-Overall Dimensions: Width 31.5" x Depth 35.2" x Height 27.5"-Dimension: Floor to seat height 16.9"-Feature: The entire chair is stitched and crafted by hand-Feature: Comes standard with floor protection caps on legs-Warranty: 3 year limited warrantyAbout Vintage Tailored Twill:Twill is an interwoven knit fabric. The thread takes turns in an over and under weave forming a crooked yet overall lineal rectangle pattern that can be discerned at close range. The pattern exists but appears somewhat random when viewed from a normal distance. Vintage Tailored Twill provides a more refined, tailored appearance than that of a typical coarse twill. It relies on the multi-tone nature of the fabric strands themselves to provide the appearance of depth of texture. All fabrics wear with time, however when compared to common fabrics types like boucle or felt, twill are often considered more durable as they exhibit less visible wear effects such as piling and fuzzing. read more