Juliana Furtado Carbon 27.5+ R Complete Mountain Bike

The Juliana Furtado C 27. 5+ R Complete Mountain Bike is a trailblazer for, well, trail bikes, with a more aggressive design that demonstrates why longer, slacker geometries are increasing in popularity. The Furtado cruises through a wider range of terrain with more confidence and speed, combining nimbleness and stability to keep you poised on tight, technical maneuvers and let you send it on tricky descents. This model comes equipped with 27. 5+ tires to complemental maneuvers and let you send it on tricky descents. This model comes equipped with 27. 5+ tires to complement that versatility with extra cushion in rock gardens and added traction while grinding up root-latticed climbs. The 12-speed Eagle cassette, crowned with a 50-tooth bailout gear, continues the trend, giving you a wide gearing range for dropping in and climbing out, although NX's 11-tooth cog doesn't provide the top-end speed of SRAM's other Eagle drivetrains. The Furtado's headtube is slacker than ever, kicking back to a 66. 5-degree head tube angle in its high setting and a more DH-friendly 66. 2-degree head tube angle in the lowest setting. The inclusion of the flip-chip allows for this subtle change giving you the ability to tune the bike's geometry for different terrain and riding styles. Looking to hit the lifts or shuttle and let gravity assist your day's riding' Go low. Planning on knocking out that 6-hour pedal fest deep into the woods you and your buddies have planned out for a bit' Go high, and you'll be treated with a bike that pedals well and doesn't flinch in the face of technical trail problems on steep, rowdy terrain. As noted above, the flip-chip not only allows you to ride with a couple of geo options, it also provides the clearance needed to run wider tires up to 2. 8 inches in width. Juliana outfits this particular Furtado with their 2. 6-inch tires, which deliver all the traction and bump-smoothing benefits of a traditional 2. 8-inch tire, but without feeling bouncy, slow, or excessively heavy. This 2. 6-inch tire really gives you the best of both worlds, traction and plushness over... read more