Jonathan Charles

Jonathan Charles Country Farmhouse Medium Walnut Dining Chair

Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture is the vision of Jonathan Sowter, an English furniture designer who excels at the art of fine antique reproduction. Jonathan Charles designs and manufactures the highest-quality European antique replicas as well as their own unique transitional designs.What makes them different is their meticulous attention-to-detail and pursuit of high-quality construction. Their passion for detail is also reflected in their in-house brass foundry, iit of high-quality construction. Their passion for detail is also reflected in their in-house brass foundry, in which they manufacture their own hardware so that when they design a new piece of furniture they can also design one-of-a-kind pulls, hinges, locks and even keys for that piece.Jonathan Charles works with artisans who display a large range of skills. They take pride in their work, which is evident in their beautifully-crafted antique replicas. They go far beyond just creating furniture that resembles English classics. They employ age-old techniques, which breathe soul and lasting-quality into their products.Many of their inspirations come from original antiques that Jonathan discovers in his travels. Sometimes, they will reproduce them as accurately as possible, while at other times they will take a detail that they like and design a completely new piece of furniture around that feature.Oftentimes, they will start the design process from scratch. They gather inspiration from a variety of sources - be it a classic wallpaper design, nature, classic antiques, a rare object, or jewelry.They never design to the limitations of their factory, and have actually expanded their factory as they have developed new skills in advanced marquetry, bronze casting, hand carving and much more.They never compromise on design and would be foolish to compromise on quality. Only the finest materials are used in their furniture. They also employ inspectors that ensure technically-sound components and design throughout the process. These experts oversee production, checking in at key transaction points so that nothing is overlooked. Before an item is packaged, it is reviewed with a keen eye and must pass a comprehensive checklist by their quality control inspector. read more