iSuper iRainbow001 Wi-Fi A19 Zigbee Smart Led Bulb for Lighting Automation with Iphone/Android Control, Bronze

The power to fully utilizing your lighting is now within a hand's reach. With the iRainbow LED bulbs, you can automate the lighting control of your entire home or office; you can customize your own lights to do as you please, right from your smartphone or tablet. Simply go to the App store or Google play, download the ''iRainbow II" app, screw the bulbs into your existing lamps, then plug the gateway to your Wi-Fi router and you are able to control it wirelessly fro your existing lamps, then plug the gateway to your Wi-Fi router and you are able to control it wirelessly from anywhere in the world! You can change its color, set personalized on and off times, have the bulb change colors to match the music's beat and even have it wake you up. Choose your favorite from the 16 million color spectrum to create a nice atmosphere for yourself. If you have multiple bulbs, the flash feature is quite wonderful. The app allows you to set a flashing pattern with up to 15 colors on a light. iRainbow can switch colors, following the beat of whatever's playing and act as a Disco party light, making it great for showing off and impressing a few acquaintances, ideal for your own amusement, or even at parties. The iRainbow can wake you up in a less irritating fashion. Set the time for it to light up or flash in white or RGB color, waking you up naturally, with no sound. The On and Off times of a timer can be scheduled from the app, good for home security. iRainbow uses the cloud service from the world's most powerful and reliable cloud server. It allows you to control the bulbs remotely from anywhere anytime over Wi-Fi, or 3G/4G mobile phone internet. One smart phone can control up to 50 LED light bulbs through one gateway at a time. The default 7W bright white light is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, saving energy, the 3W RGB color is for fun. Compatible with iPhone 3GS onwards, iPad 1 onwards, iPod touch 3rd generation onwards and android phones or tablets of Samsung,Motorola, HTC, LG,Sony,HuaWei... which running android OS 4.0 and higher. read more