Instapark® 30-watt Solar-powered Battery Charger for Instapark Mars20S & Wagan Power Dome Series

Tapping into virtually unlimited energy form the sun, the Instapark YT1008 comes with a high-efficiency solar panel that utilizes solar power to charge a built-in battery during the day and provides much-needed lighting, safety and security to your garage, pathway, shed, deck, entrance or other dark and remote area during the night. To conserve energy, the YT1008 operates at two different modes, “Dim” and “Bright”. At “Dim” mode, the built-in photocell will automatiT1008 operates at two different modes, “Dim” and “Bright”. At “Dim” mode, the built-in photocell will automatically activate the light and stay dim at dusk and turn off at dawn. When motion is detected within a range of 10 feet, the light will switch to bright and switch back to “Dim” after 30 seconds if no more motion is detected. The YT1008 solar light is equipped with 16 super-bright LEDs in an impact-resistant ABS plastic and aluminum housing and designed to be waterproof, making it a truly reliable and durable solution to your outdoor lighting needs. Better yet, there’s absolutely no wiring or special tool required to install the YT1008. Simply pick a desired location to mount the solar light, it will be up and running within minutes with the included mounting hardware, it’s that simple. A friendly reminder, in order to achieve optimal result, always mount the light on a surface facing south if you are located in northern hemisphere or vise versa. Specifications: Solar panel: 0.6 watt Li-ion battery: 3.7V / 800 mAh # of LEDs: 16 LED color: White Output power: 1 Watt / 100 Lumins Color: Silver Dimensions: 5 ¼ “ X 3 ½ “ X 3” Weight: 4 oz What's in the box: YT1008 solar light: 4 Key pin: one for each light Screws: 2 for each light Wall anchors: 2 for each light read more