Infinity RS152 Reference Series 2-Way 5-1/4" Dual Tweeter Surround Speaker - Pair (Black)

Patented Hemispherical Soundfield Technology (HST) for consistent performance across a 180-degree areaDual 1" (25mm) CMMD (Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm) tweeters with advanced waveguides5.25" (130mm) CMMD high-output woofer with sealed enclosureComputer-optimized driver positioning and network integrationSleek contemporary enclosure designBlack chrome trim rings a soft-touch painted waveguide and discrete grilleRS152 Highlights: Surround Channel Loudspeaker Ideall rings a soft-touch painted waveguide and discrete grilleRS152 Highlights: Surround Channel Loudspeaker Ideally Suited For Multi-Channel Music And Home Theater SystemsThe RS152â s slender profile and integrated keyhole wall-mounting allows for flexible placement within your room. It is sonically matched to companion Reference Series floorstanding bookshelf and center channel loudspeakers and powered subwoofers allowing you to create the ideal system solution for your needs. Patented Hemispherical Soundfield Technology (HST)Infinityâ s engineers have developed and patented Hemispherical Soundfield Technology (HST) to eliminate the detrimental acoustical reflections typically associated with wall-mounting loudspeakers. With the HST design a rear-facing woofer is scientifically positioned at a given distance from the wall while companion dual high-frequency drivers with advanced waveguides are each placed on either side of the angled front panels. This combination of driver positioning and waveguide pattern control provides remarkably balanced coverage across a 180-degree hemispherical listening area without the typical â hot and coldâ frequency response inefficiencies found with mounting traditional loudspeakers on the wall. The end result is a loudspeaker with extremely flexible on-wall placement capability while maintaining consistent performance over a wide area even when listening from far off to one side. Dual 1" (25mm) CMMD Tweeters with Advanced WaveguidesThe combination of the acoustical science and patented designs found in the 1" (25mm) CMMD (Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm) tweeter and advanced waveguid read more