Hot Tools Professional 1 1/2 Inch Radiant Blue Digital Salon Flat Iron Titanium Model No. HT7120F

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: This tool straightens, smooths, curls, waves and flips hair like a champ, and it looks like a precious gem on your counter. It’s so pretty, you’ll be tempted to keep it in your jewelry box! When it comes to your flat iron, it’s all about the styling surface, and this one is truly state-of-the-art. It’s made of titanium, which is an ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight material! For this flat iron, titanium helps reduce frizz and leave massive shine in trong, ultra-lightweight material! For this flat iron, titanium helps reduce frizz and leave massive shine in its place. It also provides even heat distribution—no hot or cold spots that can cause hairstyle fails. Plus, the multi-directional floating plates are designed to make full contact with the hair. And go ahead and use your favorite hairstyling products with this iron—it is corrosion-resistant! The surface is just the beginning with this iron. The technology inside is also quite remarkable. It offers proprietary PULSE Technology that heats up in a flash and stays hot until you switch it off. That means there are no heat surges or slowdowns that can cause uneven results in your hair. There’s a full range of programmable temperature options, so you can set the iron at the perfect heat for your hair type and texture. The digital temperature display provides a constant read-out. Get a grip—it’s easy thanks to the soft touch outer finish. Balanced and easy to maneuver to help alleviate your arm, wrist and hand, no matter how much hair you have to style! Automatic two-hour shut-off offers peace of mind, and thanks to the universal dual voltage, you can bring your iron along anywhere. Voltage: Dual/Universal TOP FEATURES: 1.Wide plates allow larger section of hair to be styled to help you speed up styling time. 2.Automatic two-hour shut-off and easy-to-read digital display. 3.Universal dual voltage makes this flat iron ideal for travelers. 4.Soft Touch Finish provides a comfortable grip. 5.Variable temperature settings up to 450 degrees means optimal performance for a variety of hair types. read more