7 Under-$30 Gifts from UncommonGoods to Delight Everyone on Your List

7 Under-$30 Gifts from UncommonGoods to Delight Everyone on Your List

Go beyond boring gifts this Christmas. Find something special for everyone on your list at UncommonGoods. Best of all, it's all on sale, from the alpaca socks that'll keep them warm all winter long to the desk plaques for your favorite girl boss. Stock up now before they're gone.

Purple, white, and green mid-calf alpaca fleece socks with a Fair Isle print. photo

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Cute and Cozy Alpaca Socks

Socks are the classic Christmas gift, but they're not always exciting. Shake things up with these Fair Isle-patterned alpaca fleece socks. Alpaca fleece is thinner yet warmer than traditional sheep wool, making it the perfect material to cozy up in all winter long. And at more than half off their regular price, these socks are a must-buy.

Buy It! $10 (usually $21); uncommongoods.com


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An egg carton full of seeds for growing herbs for cocktails photo

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Grow-Your-Own Cocktail Kit

You could crack open a beer … or you could make a cocktail. Which one is more likely to instantly spice up your winter after-work routine? This kit contains (almost) everything the green thumb in your life needs to make a mixed beverage from scratch, from lavender, basil, and mint seeds to recipe cards (booze not included). And at only $12, this is a deal that, unlike your cocktail, you won't want to shake.

Buy It! $12; uncommongoods.com

Orange window bird feeder with seeds inside photo

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Origami Bird Feeder

Whether for the bird lover or DIY-er, this gift is sure to be a hit. The lightweight, durable window feeder requires light assembly — it's not called an origami bird feeder for nothing — to assume its tiny California bungalow-inspired shape. In bright colors and produced in a way that minimizes environmental impact, this is a gift you can feel good about giving.

Buy It! $20; uncommongoods.com

Six different beers poured in their special corresponding glass shape. photo

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Beer Tasting Kit

Every beer enthusiast knows that different types of beer are meant to be enjoyed in different types of glasses. This set provides everything a connoisseur needs for their at-home flight, from tulip to pilsner glasses, along with a handy cheat sheet guide on how to pour, taste, and serve. The 13-piece set is currently selling for only $20, so get it while it's hot (and the beer is cold).

Buy It! $20 (usually $30); uncommongoods.com

Retro brown wood desk plaques have

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You-Go-Girl Desk Plaques

Calling all girl bosses: these plaques are for you. Retro-inspired desk signs are updated with modern sayings for the corner office lady in your life. They serve as a daily reminder to get stuff done and be a boss while doing it. At almost half off, you can get one for every glass-ceiling-smasher in mind.

Buy It! $15 (usually $28); uncommongoods. com

Orange ceramic snack bowl in the shape of the Roman Colosseum. photo

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Colosseum-Shaped Snack Bowl

For the history buff who also happens to love snacking. This Colosseum-shaped serving bowl is a conversation starter, especially if that conversation revolves around ancient Roman entertainment venues. Made of durable ceramic and currently $10 off, the bowl holds 2 cups of snacks — preferably Mediterranean olives.

Buy It! $25 (usually $35); uncommongoods.com

Colorful playing cards have challenges and activities written on them. photo

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Grandparent/Grandchild Bonding Game

Get a meaningful gift for the grandparent in your life. These decks of cards contain fun activities designed to be done between a grandparent and young grandchild, forming precious memories to last for years. One reviewer confirms that the challenges were "not difficult, tiring, or time consuming," making them perfect for grandparents and kids of all activity levels.

Buy It! $25 (usually $38); uncommongoods.com