Giovanni Hair Magnetic Attraction Styling Gel, 6.8 oz, for Medium to Longer Hair, Medium Hold, Includes Magnetite to Add Energy That Doesn't Build Up, Sulfate Free

As hair grows, it acquires a stronger negative electrical charge. Moreover, daily combing, brushing and blow-drying further increase the negative charge. Chemical products such as hair color, relaxers, and permanent waves compound the negative charges. Giovanni Magnetic Hair Care products include microscopic particles of Magnetite (Fe3O4), a naturally occurring mineral, which possesses a natural, positive magnetic charge. We have taken this mineral and infused it wiing mineral, which possesses a natural, positive magnetic charge. We have taken this mineral and infused it with proteins and conditioners. These Micro-Magnets are naturally attracted to those portions of your hair that have a negative and attach themselves only to those areas of your hair that need conditioning. These properties ensure you of a strand-by-strand, customized hair conditioning treatment resulting in: - Color safe formula for all hair colors- The conditioning of your hair where you need it most- Super shine- The addition of fullness, volume and manageability- Bonding to each hair's porous areas- Nourishing and enriching hair for luster and strength Each Giovanni Magnetic Hair Care Product has a specific Magnetic Density Level. The higher the number, the greater amount of Magnetite used in the product. So, a Level 10 has twice as much Magnetite as Level 5. The greater the level of Magnetite the greater conditioning properties the product possesses. Also, with increased Magnetite comes increased benefits from magnetic therapy for your hair and scalp. And of course, Giovanni uses only the highest quality Magnetite available to ensure pure, sustained magnetic energy. GIOVANNI Magnetic Attraction Styling Gel contains Magnetite to add extraordinary energy to your styles. Style flies from your fingertips like lightning and power surges through hair, sending out electrical impulses of magnetic attraction! HOW TO USE: Distribute evenly through damp hair and style. read more