Watch Olivia Munn Style Her Mom's Home with All-Things Houzz (and Get the Look!)

Watch Olivia Munn Style Her Mom's Home with All-Things Houzz (and Get the Look!)

Actress and model Olivia Munn shows off her impeccable sense of style while surprising her mother with a stunning room makeover. Working closely with a designer from Houzz, she was able to make her mother's home design dreams come true. Check out just how she pulled it off and our favorite pieces you can scoop up for your own space today!

Olivia Munn's Dreamy Home Makeover

Watch Olivia Munn give her mother's home a total transformation from start to finish above. Check out the completed renovation at the 17 minute mark!

Big-Ticket Purchases

If home reno is on your list of 2019 goals, take a page out of Olivia Munn's style book. Instead of knocking down walls, raising ceilings, and completely gutting your home, re-style your space with big-ticket furniture pieces worth the investment. That means it's finally time to say goodbye to your worn out love seat and replace it with this luxurious, gray sectional. For the same reason Olivia styled it in her mother's living room, it's large enough to host family gatherings while making the room feel less compact and cluttered. Looking to add even more seating to your space? Purchase one or two of these midcentury-mod dining chairs to top off the look.

We have to admit that coffee table Olivia handpicked for her mother's home is at the top of our wishlist. It features a detailed inlaid wedge design that, according to Olivia, is super durable and appears just like the images online—and we totally agree! Finally, to cozy up your modern space, style this best-selling area rug in the center of the room for added warmth and texture you and your guests will enjoy. We've got to hand it to Ms. Munn, these stunning, cohesive pieces are exactly perfect for creating a stylish space.

Decor & More

Throughout this makeover, Olivia exclusively chose Houzz products that would help her create the homey and charming space her mother wanted. Just like Olivia's mother, we have always dreamt of owning a home that places style and storage at the forefront. Cue this head-turning cabinet created with a drop-down shelf on the inside. That's right, no more pulling up the dining chair to reach the top shelf in your cabinet—we've all been there right? And for finishing off the kitchen, we always recommend updating the backsplash to completely change the feel of your kitchen. We love the white subway tile that Olivia chose for this makeover. This particular tile is great for accenting crisp white and colorful kitchens alike, so you truly can't go wrong!

If you're just not ready to shell out for an entire room makeover, opt for simple swaps instead. Take advantage of maxing out your small budget by adding a fresh set of drapes—like this approachable set in a neutral hue. Pro tip: The Houzz team decided to hang the curtain rod higher to create the illusion of taller ceilings and larger window. When it comes to lighting, choosing a timeless fixture is key. Olivia chose a stylish brushed-steel flush mount fixture that wouldn't crowd the rest of this space. And if you're styling a compact room, we recommend sticking to flush mounts as well. And, for the perfect ending to your major upgrade, toss in a pop of color by adding these velvet throw pillows and simple picture frames to create a cozy space for entertaining.