Everything You Need to Build Your Own Vanity — and You'll Never Guess Where We Found Them

Gold accessory holder with one large tier and one small tier photo

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2-Tier Accessory Holder

Your jewelry is super-gorgeous — so why not give it an equally gorgeous place to rest when you're not wearing it? This gilded accessories stand is perfect for rings, earrings, and bracelets, but also other little treasures like makeup and nail polish. It's so pretty, it's practically a decorative piece all its own.

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White concrete candle photo

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French Cotton Candle

The vanity's true purpose is, above all, self care. Reach new levels of comfort and bliss thanks to this natural soy wax candle in a pretty, white concrete container. It ever-so-subtly fills your space with the comforting scent of fresh laundry, and once the candle runs out, you can repurpose it as a makeup brush holder, mini flower vase, or whatever else sparks your creativity.

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gold circular mirror with floral detail around photo

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Stella Wall Mirror

Every great vanity needs a great mirror. This version's simple-yet-avant garde design instantly dresses up a room and becomes the centerpiece of your space. We recommend peppering the surrounding areas with other little gold accents to subtly pull the theme together.

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Gray tufted bench with silver legs photo

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Stainless Steel and Velvet Bench

If you use your vanity as a spot to do hair and makeup, you'll need a comfy seat to make the space as luxe as possible. This ultra-cushy bench is made of soft velvet and shiny stainless steel so you feel like a celeb every time you sit down. Plus, once you're done getting ready, it can also be used as additional seating when entertaining friends.

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White marble tray, tissue holder, soap dispenser, and other bathroom accessories photo

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7-Piece Bathroom Accessories Kit

Mismatched tissue and toothbrush holders, begone. This sophisticated set keeps your vanity looking cohesive and cool, even if your mornings are...not. It includes practically every bathroom accessory you could ever need, so you can feel put-together and organized — #adulting.

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Silver mirrored makeup organizer photo

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Makeup Organizer

Every makeup item has its place thanks to this mirrored organizer. Three pull-out drawers hide away what you want, while five open compartments on top show off those especially gorgeous items like perfume and lipstick. Gone are the days of stashing your makeup all over the place — now, it's all organized and right where it needs to be.

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Teak tray with handles photo

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Teak Tray

This do-it-all tray is about to become a must-have in your life. Made of water-, mildew-, and rot-resistant teak wood, this tray is ideal for the humid bathroom environment, whether you use it as a counter organizer or a bath companion. Or, with its simple and contemporary look, it's also a chic addition to your bedroom vanity for holding candles, perfume bottles, and jewelry.

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Light pink faux peonies in a glass vase photo

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Faux Peonies

There's nothing better than waking up to the sight of fresh flowers — and now you can get that every morning, no green thumb required. These faux peonies look surprisingly real, but without the upkeep of regular watering or pristine conditions that live peonies require. They're perfect for adding a pop of color to your vanity, since their pink hue complements just about every decor style.

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White mirror and organizer photo

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Mirror Organizer

We'll admit it: Sometimes you just need a super-powerful mirror, no questions asked. Whether you're examining blackheads or plucking stray hairs, this mirror does the trick. One side is ideal for regular, everyday use, but the other side features 10x magnification for getting up-close and personal. Since the mirror is detachable, you can hold it in your hand or keep it steady on its stand. Bonus trays below featuring a grippy rubber insert keep makeup, jewelry, and hair accessories organized and in their place.

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