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Wake Up With The Perfect Coffee Maker

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to brewing coffee at home. Some people just want the machine to handle the brewing process, while others want a more hand-on experience that allows them to control certain variables such as the water temp and brewing method.Luckily, there are various different coffee makers available that cater to your preference. Drip coffee makers can be set on a timer the night before so you can wake up to coffee that’s ready and waiting for you. Pour overs and french presses, on the other hand, are examples of coffee makers that require a little more interaction to get to that perfect steaming cup of joe. This guide breaks down the different types of coffee makers available and the pros and cons of each.

A variety of coffee makers on a table, including a french press and Chemex

Drip Coffee Makers Can Brew For a Crowd

Drip coffee makers offer two major advantages. First, larger models can brew up to 12 cups at a time. And second, they take care of the brewing process for you. When brewing coffee with a drip maker, machines limit your interaction to adding a clean filter and your desired amount of grounds and water. The machine will then heat the water and brew the coffee for you. High end machines can even take care of those initial steps for you, with a coffee grinder and water tank attached for a fully animated process. Depending on your price range, there are machines available that can make the process as simple and hands-off as you desire. However, even the budget-friendly models make it quick and easy to brew a consistent pot of coffee. Drip coffee makers are ideal for entertaining as the larger machines can quickly brew and keep larger amounts of coffee warm.

Pour Over Coffee Makers Allow for Extra Control

The pour over method of making coffee is slightly more hands on and is often intended for brewing one cup of coffee at a time—with the exception of models like the highly popular Chemex maker that use the pour over method to brew multiple cups of coffee at a time. The Chemex is a single glass brewer that combines the drip cone component of a pour over maker with a coffee carafe in one unit. A single cup pour over maker sits directly on top of your cup or carafe (or suspended over it slightly with a holder) to brew directly into it. These brewers use filters, either disposable or reusable, and hold your coffee grounds as you pour hot water over them in a steady, circular motion to brew. Pour overs allow you to have complete control over almost every element of the brewing process. Using a kitchen scale to measure out precise water/grounds/pouring ratios can help insure the best brew possible.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers Specialize in Iced Drinks

Instead of brewing hot coffee and either icing it (and therefore watering it down) or waiting for it to cool in the fridge, cold brew coffee makers are intended to brew coffee cold from the start. Brewing with cold water requires more time, but these makers streamline the process for you. Many of them create an atmosphere for the coffee grounds to steep and allow them to get to the desired strength of a typical cold brew coffee. Popular coffee maker brands like OXO, Cuisinart, and Toddy all offer their own versions of cold brew coffee makers.

Single Serve Coffee Makers Cut Cleanup

Single serve coffee makers, like K-Cup coffee brewers, have a water reservoir built in and use pods of coffee to brew one cup at a time. You can use disposable pods purchased from a store, or you can get a reusable filter pod and fill it with your own ground coffee. With the touch of a button, you’ll have a cup of brewed coffee in just moments—perfect for busy mornings.

French Press Coffee Makers Are a Popular Choice

French press coffee makers allow coffee grounds to steep freely in hot water before being pressed and filtered with a plunger-like strainer. You add your grounds to the carafe, add hot water, and after a few moments of brewing push the strainer down to hold the grounds at the bottom while you pour your cup of coffee. These makers are easy to use and a popular choice for those who are brewing one or two cups of coffee at a time.

Coffee Accessories Are A Must-Have

No coffee making experience is complete without helpful accessories. Among these must-haves are a coffee grinder, a mug you love, and a milk frother if you’re a latte fan. Grinding your own coffee prior to brewing helps ensure freshness and optimal flavor. A burr grinder is the best option for grinding coffee, as it produces a consistent, even grind. The mug is important because when you’re sipping out of a cup you adore, the drink will taste that much better. Choose a mug for relaxing mornings at home, or a to-go thermos for mornings you have to brew and run. And if you’re a latte fan, a milk frother allows you to froth milk that is light and fluffy and ready to be added to your coffee or espresso. These frothers come in handheld options for extra convenience, but pitcher options heat the milk as well.