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Click Sunlounger Chaise Lounge, Dusty Green

CLICK Sunlounger. The adjustable backrest, is shaped to fit your body perfect in its different positions. The curves make the Sunlounger very sculptural. Sit down, find your position and enjoy.Lamellas can be removed and replaced on the frame, which makes it possible to mix and change colours.CLICK is a collection of outdoor furniture consisting of Dining chairs, Rocking chair, Lounge chair, Position chair, Footrest, Chaise Lounge, Sunrocker, Barstool. CLICK is madeairs, Rocking chair, Lounge chair, Position chair, Footrest, Chaise Lounge, Sunrocker, Barstool. CLICK is made of intelligent designed plastic lamellas combined with powder coated metal and wooden parts in sustainable bamboo. The components of the lamellas are carefully composed to give the lamellas exactly the right strength and resilience.THE CLICK CONCEPT provides excellent cushion free comfort, and the flexibility to change colors as you like. The lamellas come in different colors and can be clicked on and off to change the look of the piece simply by changing – or mixing the different lamella colors.The CLICK collection is designed by the Danish designer Henrik Pederson. In the design process there is put a lot of effort in shaping the chairs to make the lamellas follow the structure of the spine. This has resulted in the best seating.CLICK PLASTIC LAMELLAS:For cleaning please use a wet cloth or soft brush. If necessary, dish soap can be added to the cleaning water. Do not use any kind of chemicals for cleaning.POWDER COATED METAL PARTS:For cleaning please use a wet cloth or a soft brush. Do not use nay chemicals for cleaning.BAMBOO:The bamboo is treated with a special impregnation from the factory, which is drawn into the bamboo. To keep the bamboo parts nice, it is necessary to treat with oil suitable for bamboo (preferably with an anti-fungal agent). It is recommended to oil the tables before taking before use and again after approximately 4 weeks, then 3-4 times a year. If any fungi attack the bamboo it can be cleaned by sanding it down and making sure all fungi is gone then oil again.For daily cleaning use only hot water. Soapy water will dissolve the oil.Outside the season store in a dry and ventilated room. Do not cover the bamboo.DIMENSIONS:H:32/97 x W:60 x L:145 cmMATERIALS:Frame: Powder coated gray metalSeat: Plastic lamellasArmrests: Bamboo read more