Major Celebs Rave About This Wellness Program — Here's Why

Check Out the Wellness Program Celebs Love

Gone are the days of restrictive, crash diets focused solely on weight loss — say hello to the new WW (formerly Weight Watchers) for a holistic, healthy lifestyle that even celebs swear by. Major stars love WW for its emphasis on overall wellness for the body and the mind — and I put it to the test.

I started my WW journey with the goal of learning how to better nourish my body, how to prepare healthy meals, and sure, to drop a few extra pounds, too. WW encourages users to focus on goals that aren't purely about a number on a scale; rather, goals should be concrete, like running a marathon or being able to chase after your kids without losing your breath. I started WW about two months after graduating college. I found myself newly in the "adult" world, no longer wanting to lean on cheap, easy meals like macaroni and cheese and frozen pizza like I had all through undergrad. Finally, I had the time and the drive to learn how to properly nourish myself — and WW is the perfect solution to help me meet those goals.

What WW Is — And What It Isn't

I came into WW with the preconceived, outdated idea that it's all about weight loss, no matter the cost. What I quickly learned is that it's so much more than that. WW encourages overall well-being, from its partnership with Headspace, a meditation app, to its activity tracking that encourages you to get up and get active. WW uses a point-based system — SmartPoints for tracking food, FitPoints for tracking activity, and WellnessWins for rewarding overall healthy habits with free stuff — to measure your progress, and turns the program into a fun sort of competition, too. Each day is like a new game, from strategizing how I can spend my daily SmartPoints to going on a walk around my neighborhood to beat yesterday's FitPoints. I'm constantly discovering new ZeroPoint foods, the ones that are so healthy that WW encourages you to eat them by making them worth, you guessed it, zero points.

WW isn't a diet, because it doesn't tell you what to eat. It adapts to your lifestyle — if you slip up and spend more than your allotted points one day, you can dip into your Weekly SmartPoints with no punishment. If you don't consume all your SmartPoints one day, up to four points roll over to your Weekly SmartPoints so you can spend them another day if you like. It's all about a slow, steady progression, training you to eat healthier foods and notice what you're putting into your body, which can be more effective at helping you lose weight and keep it off than crash diets. And the WW app is simple to use, with so many incredible features that make keeping track and staying motivated so much easier.

WW's points system also helps you to notice those less-than-healthy habits you may not have even realized you had. It works because WW is backed by behavior-change science, and just the act of tracking helps you lose weight. For me, I realized that I was breaking out snacks every night while watching Netflix, even though I was still full from dinner an hour before. WW helped me recognize that behavior, and gently correct it. Now, if I'm still a little hungry or want a snack, I opt for grapes or carrots — foods that are satisfying but much healthier than chips or candy. I also know not to waste valuable points on items that aren't helping my wellness journey (I'm sorry, after-work beer, but you just aren't worth the points).

A Supportive Community

One of the most remarkable aspects of WW (that I wasn't expecting!) is the supportive community. As a WW Freestyle Digital member, I'm not attending meetings or receiving personal coaching, so I assumed I would be mostly alone in my journey. But I was so wrong. Built into the WW app is a feed of posts from other users, who go to the community to ask for support or celebrate wins, whether that's losing weight or completing a 10K. Everyone is in it together, and they're all using WW for so many different reasons, beyond just weight loss.

That's another thing I loved about WW: its commitment to your own personal journey. Getting healthy isn't about pleasing a significant other, lowering your BMI, or looking good in a swimsuit. It's about feeling better, with more energy, and nourishing your body the way it deserves to be. Some days I wanted to binge ice cream and fries — I'm human — but some of my favorite days on WW have been when I learned how to make one of my favorite foods, fish tacos, using almost all ZeroPoint ingredients, or when I planned an incredibly tasty, filling vegetable-based lunch that actually made me feel good after I ate it. And the weight seemed to naturally come off, a little at a time. I'm still not at my goal weight, but I'm constantly learning new ways to eat and live healthier, and I plan on continuing my WW journey for its amazing guidance and support.

I would highly recommend WW for anyone wanting to commit to a healthier lifestyle. It feels a little like pressing a restart button on your life: After you start, you eat different, feel different, and look a little different, too. It works for most people, since it's not a crash diet, and it helps you train yourself to be better to your body with habits you can actually stick to in the long term.