This Is the One Workout Program That Actually Keeps Me Motivated

Why I Chose the T-MINUS 30 Fitness Program

I was always super active growing up, but that came to a halt after I graduated college and started a full-time job. Even though I have free access to a gym and fitness classes through work, it's hard to find the time and motivation to exercise throughout my busy day. I started using the elliptical and lifting weights each morning, and I thought that was enough to get back in shape, but I was wrong.

I heard about Openfit's online streaming service from a friend, and I'll admit I was a little skeptical because I wasn't sure if I would actually use it. Since I was disappointed with the results (or lack thereof) by working out on my own, I decided a 30-day free trial couldn't hurt. After I signed up, I could access five different workout classes (Rough Around the Edges, TOUGH MUDDER T-MINUS 30, Xtend Barre, 600 Secs, and Yoga 52). I chose to try T-MINUS 30 so I could learn some new moves while getting a total-body workout. Plus, devoting 30 minutes of exercise to my day seemed doable.

I logged in to the Openfit website on my laptop and plugged the computer into my smart TV using an HDMI cord so I could easily follow along in my living room. (You can also stream the workouts through the app on your phone or tablet!) I was so excited to finally start a workout program that didn't require going to a gym or fitness class where I felt self-conscious about people watching me. All I needed was a set of 10-pound dumbbells (I purchased mine at Walmart for less than $20) and an exercise mat.

Openfit Changed My Perspective on Working Out

The video began with a quick introduction, stretching, and then jumped right into the first circuit. We started out with simple moves like squats and lunges, and then worked our way up to more difficult cardio-focused exercises like superman jumps and crab taps. Halfway through the video (about 15 minutes), I was breaking more of a sweat than I had during any of my own hour-long morning workouts. That's when it hit me that I wasn't truly pushing myself at the gym, and I needed an instructor to motivate me to challenge myself.

Hunter McIntyre (four-time Tough Mudder champion) and his team did every workout along with me, which was a huge help. It was inspiring to see other people just like me working hard and not giving up when the workout got challenging. The 30 minutes flew by, and before I knew it I had completed my first day and felt more accomplished than ever!

After my first full week of training, I was so sore — like couldn't walk straight sore — but it was a good feeling knowing that I was actually getting stronger and on my way to seeing results. Each workout targets different muscles, and each week those same workouts are improved with new moves to make it more challenging. I wasn't used to fast-paced daily workouts at first, but thankfully one person in every video does a modification that still works the muscle group but isn't as intense. My goal is to continue with this program and work my way up so eventually I won't need any modifiers.

More Than a Fitness Program

Along with amazing workouts, Openfit also has tons of delicious recipes and lifestyle tips to help you achieve your health goals. I started sifting through various articles on their site under the Nutrition tab and stumbled upon one that featured 12 new ways to use cottage cheese, and the recipes I tried were surprisingly tasty! (I was excited to see that Openfit provides a step-by-step meal plan geared toward the T-MINUS 30 workout program, but since I'm a vegetarian I wasn't able to follow it exactly.) Under the Lifestyle tab, you'll find articles on how to get better sleep, inspiration, self-care tips, and even a curated selection of activewear you can purchase through the platform.

Not only has Openfit motivated me to work out and develop better eating habits, but I feel like I've become an overall healthier person. I can log in or open the app on my smartphone any time I need meal ideas or just need a pick-me-up to keep myself motivated. I feel like I've finally found a workout program that's affordable, attainable with my busy lifestyle, and actually works. I can't stop raving about it to all my friends!